How To Remove Psychic Attachment

Some time ago a man from India, Arpit, wrote to me asking for help regarding psychic attachment he had. Not mentioning the fact that his email proved to me that I’m very busy man and I can’t keep up with all these emails I’m receiving, I decided to write an answer in form of public tutorial – so, you’re going to learn how to remove psychic attachment now.


What is Psychic Attachment

Psychic Attachment is a energy link between two people, or person and some entity. Through these links, the psychic energy and emotions flow in both ways, thus causing energy and emotional exchange between two subjects. Negative emotions or energy transfer might occur, causing both physical and mental problems to either one or another subject.

Because of this, psychic attachment must be dealt with. First step in dealing with psychic attachment is always psychic shielding. Setting up the shield should block at least some of the information flowing through the link.

How To Remove Psychic Attachment

First of all, you need to locate the very link and the place where it is attached to energy body. In order to do so, you should visualize your energy body and look for any weird energy structures that should not be there. Any weird energy “tentacle” that expands from energy body is weird structure :).

Then you can try to deal with the link. There are few methods of removing psychic attachment, such as:

  • Cutting the link – using visualization you use energy “cutters” (which you can simple imagine) you simple cut the link.
  • Burn – again, using visualization you can try to heat up part of the link in order to seal it off.

But – energy cannot be easily cut, and sealing with heat might be very dangerous for both energy and physical body – that’s why, both methods should not be used when it’s not really required.

Blocking the Link

I mentioned shielding the link – because this will stop the energy from flowing, it should block the link successfully. Beside this, another method of blocking the link is simple – stop focusing on it. Stop thinking in any way, negative or positive, about the person you’re linked to – this will recharge the link, making it active again.

By not thinking about the subject of the link, the energy does not flow and with time, the link might get so weak that it will almost disappear. Again, if you will recharge it by thinking about it – that won’t be good :).


In the end, the ling is nearly impossible to remove in most cases, so the best thing to do is to ignore it, yet set up a permanent shield upon it first. This will help.

Have you ever experienced the effect of psychic attachment? Do you have some methods of dealing with it?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Nathan, thanks for your help and support.

    I would like to add a few more details, which some people might find useful.

    — This attachment is also called ‘etheric cords’, google it for more information on the topic and people who might help you.

    — Take full responsibility for it and deal with it positively. Take advantage of it to be more aware of the life forms. Plants, animals and humans.

    — Neither resist it nor cling to it. Its a serious thing. Only listen to it when it could be really advantageous to do so and that’s rare. In any other case you would add more karma and hence more troubles.

    — Love is the name of the game. Try to be big hearted, that is, forgivness and compassion.

    — Affirmations and shielding can be very helpful, however, it really takes time, focus and patience.

    — Use an affirmation like – In truth, I am an infinite being and not subjected to this phenomenon. Therefore, I cancel this belief of having any connections with this person/object.

    — Meditations, prayers, yoga and pranayama practices are helpful too. They won’t kill the link but keep you positive enough to deal with the issue with an open mind along with other benefits.

    — Here are a few links that might be helpful:

    by Arpit / October 25th 2010

  2. Thanks for great advices, Arpit!

    by Nathaniel / October 25th 2010