Should You Pay for Psychic Knowledge?

A common question made by those who just start their adventure with psychic development is – “should I pay for knowledge”. There are many courses, books and ebooks out there, including my own, that cost money – is it worth to purchase them? Well – I’m not really the best person to answer this since I sell ebooks, but – yes and no :).


I discussed this for few paragraphs in my article about online psychic courses. So basically there are worthy sources of knowledge and useless sources of knowledge. Which is which?

The Useless Sources of Psychic Knowledge

I’ve seen “great” offers of offline courses of psychic development that cost only $499 – after completing it, you would receive a diploma and master degree in energy work, psychic healing, or anything like this. Now this is what I call useless thing. First of all – five hundred dollars for few hours of energy work? I sell an e-book with more knowledge for $15 USD and I’m not hiding that you won’t learn much in 2 weeks of training – you will need few months.

Now, I would pay $500 for few months of training, yes – but a week or two is just a perfect example that someone is trying to steal your money :).

One more thing – any diploma or “official” degree in psychic science is worth nothing at all. It won’t give you anything but yet another useless piece of paper to put on your wall :). Don’t find yourself believing this diploma is worth anything, because it’s not.

And The Worthy Sources

If you should pay, then for what exactly? While a diploma that you’re “certificated psychic master” is useless, some note that you’ve participated in an international conference of psychic healers is always useful if you own your own “psychic healing practice”. But again – it’s still just a paper.

So what should you pay for? Well respected books and e-books, well-known and liked e-courses, cheap off-line courses that doesn’t cost $500 per week :). Also – herbs and crystals ain’t just land in your pocket for free. Hemi Sync technology is very useful, but it’s expensive – at the same time, it’s worth it’s price.

Generally – you need to experiment. If something cost too much, then either someone spent a lot of time creating the thing, or someone is trying to fool you.

You need to pay :)

We live in brutal world in which everything cost money, and even if there’s a lot of things for free in the Internet, believe me – I’ve been there, I know how things looks like – free knowledge isn’t very accurate – it might be useful, but often it’s stripped from details and additional information that might explain many things. Not mentioning the fact that many paid sources of knowledge do a hell of a job by collecting tons of information in just one place :).

Sure, there is a lot of great useful things in the web, but there are also better things that cost money – because the person who wrote the book spent his time doing so; because the guy who created that online course gave something up to share his knowledge with you.

What are you actually paying for

A lot of people think “oh, I won’t pay this guy – he’s trying to get my credit card number for something that should be free”. Do you really believe psychic knowledge should be free? Honestly – do you really think the psychic is some kind of a disembodied entity that doesn’t need to eat or drink or get some fun?

I haven’t been born yesterday, so here are few things, if a psychic wouldn’t take money for his book or training course, then you wouldn’t be able to purchase it:

  • No one would design the book, nor print it for free.
  • No one would distribute the book for free.
  • No one would write a review for free.
  • No one would rent a room for offline course for free.
  • And finally, the psychic wouldn’t create/write the book/course simple because instead of spending his or her time developing something for you, he would work on something else to make money, just to buy some food.

You might think “OK, but it doesn’t concern online e-books or courses”. Well, again you are wrong:

  • Domain name (the URL) and server cost money.
  • Clickbank or E-Junkie that is used for download management cost money.
  • Advertisement cost money.
  • Graphic designer and DTP master need to be paid.
  • Website need to be created.

You really think this comes for free? The truth is – the author is not the only person that get paid :). Even I – I’ve designed the website, the e-book and I’m marketing it. But I spent money for E-Junkie, server, domain and advertisement, I don’t have any of this for free.

It’s all about the business

No matter if you like it or not, psychic education is part of the economy world – things cost money, and detailed and useful knowledge takes time and effort to create and distribute. I hope this article persuaded you that true knowledge won’t come for free.

The best advice I can give you right now is quite simple – instead of forcefully seeking free knowledge, seek ways to make some additional income to purchase good sources of knowledge :).

Do you collect all your knowledge from free sources, or do you pay for books, ebooks or courses?

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