How To Use Psychic Abilities To Cleanse Your Place

Practical psychic abilities means they should be used in practical ways, to achieve practical things. One of my e-book’ readers, TrevorNox, asked me yesterday, how can you use the knowledge from Psychic Development Simplified to do practical things in your life. I’ve answered him, but now I came up with one more cool thing :).


In last few years, I had some ideas for practical use of psychic skills, some of them can be found on this blog, and there’s still professional psychic career, psychic healing, remote viewing that can be used to find missing people and things etc. But one of the better uses for psychic abilities in my opinion is the capability the psychic skills give you to cleanse rooms and buildings. Energetically, of course.

Psychic Dust That Falls

Psychic energies have a tendency to deposit on physical objects – from books, to furniture and walls. When deposited, they go through corruption process, their frequency is getting lower and in the end, they’re becoming negative in nature, causing negative feelings, illness, mental instability like sadness, depression or aggression.

Where do the energy deposit like this? Everywhere! In every room, every single corner. But there are places where the deposit is slower and more negative – like basement or attics. Dark corners of the corridors, rooms on the Northern side of the building with little light shining through windows.

To make things simpler, here are the two primary rules that will  help you define the “risk of deposit”:

  • Little light – sunlight acts etheric eraser, it cleanse the place of negative energies. Where there’s little sunlight, energies tend to corrupt faster.
  • Little activity – movement of people and animals, or water streams generates movement of the energies, making it’s harder for them to deposit and corrupt. Because of this, places with little activity, no people living in, no movement, no water streams etc. increase the risk of psychic energy corruption.

Even if with these two rules you can find places of increased risk, you need to remember that every corner, wall, floor and ceiling, and every single object will be subject to energy corruption. That’s why they need regular cleansing.

How To Use Psychic Abilities To Cleanse Rooms

Personally, I usually cleanse my rooms once a month. I see no reasons to do this more frequent. The overall cleansing process comes in two phases – physical and psychical. Everyone can perform the physical part so I will just explain it shortly, but only skilled psychic or energy worker is capable of psychical cleansing.

Physical Phase

Physical part of cleansing is very simple and everyone do this all the time. You take trash out, wipe dust, clean the floor and this kind of things so you have the basic idea. In addition, you can also air the room, let as much sunlight in as possible and burn an incense to let the smoke deal with some negative energies.

Physical cleansing is simple. Psychical is a little  more complex.

Psychical Phase

It requires ability to manipulate psychic energies. Basic energy work might not be enough, so before attempting it, you should develop your psychic abilities first, because without practical skills in advanced energy work, you might not be able to deal with the energy of the room. When you know you can do advanced psychic work, you can move further.

Now to the complete how-to part:

  1. Sit down in the middle of the room – or corridor, generally the place you’re about to cleanse. You might sit down in lotus position, or just kneel or whatever you see comfortable. Close your eyes, relax, use your favorite meditation technique to enter simple trance state.
  2. Expand your aura – when relaxed, expand your aura (energy field) to each wall, entire floor and ceiling, and every object in range. Feel the physical objects you’re “touching” (here’s where New Energy Ways come to play, huh?).
  3. Rip the energy – now start ripping the energy of every wall, floor and ceiling, and every object (use NEW and visualization techniques), like ripping old paint or wallpaper, manipulating energies towards a pile in front of few, so within few minutes you will collect all the deposited energies of the room in small area in front of you.
  4. Trash the energy – when you feel all the energy is in front of you, manipulate it towards window or front doors, trashing it out of the building. It’s good if there’s window in front of you, making your visualization simpler, but remember – energy follow thoughts – so if y0u will manipulate it through corridors to the exit, it will find its way there :).

That’s it – you can once again air the room and burn an incense, but the cleansing is now done. Continue to next room if you need to.

How To Use The Knowledge

Even if the psychic cleansing process sounds simple, again – without practical skills in advanced energy work, it might not be very effective. But with time and further psychic development you will be able to master the art. And how to actually use this new knowledge?

  • Help people – you can help your entire house, or your friend’s houses as well. No one likes living in negative place, so cleansing your friend’s houses will be kind.
  • Help yourself – you can, of course, cleanse your own place – with no negative energies, it will be much pleasurable to live in.
  • To deal with haunting – finally, the method above might be a final mean to deal with haunting. I mean, it won’t deal with ghost or spirit, but if the spirit has been released, and the haunting is over, cleansing negative energies is always good idea.

I hope this article will help many of you and remember it’s licensed under Creative Commons, which means you can copy/paste it as long as you will provide backlink to original source, and all the links will remain intact :).

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  1. That’s just moving the corrupted energy; wouldn’t it be best to use auric scans to identify the corrupted energy programs and alter said programs into nuetral or positive energy? Or, possibly, just throwing massive amounts of positive energy- possibly channeling energy from the earth in order to do this- at the area until the negative programs are re-written?

    by Valridagan / November 9th 2010