Are You Seeking Psychic Proof?

Each one of us is seeking proofs for reality of psychic phenomena, even if some of us practice and experience things for many, many years. We want to keep believing that what we’re doing is not illusion, and that we do all of this for real. That’s why I’m often encouraging you to seek the proofs on your own, because there’s no better proof than personal one.


My Personal Psychic Proof

Probably the most interesting psychic proof I ever encountered was related to another psychic, her book to be more specific. I’m talking about Debra Katz’ books:

Both books (which I recommend for psychic wanna-be, by the way) beside being great resource for everyone who want to unleash psychic powers, contain some interesting techniques for utilizing psychic skills. These techniques that Katz described are my personal psychic proof – they prove me I don’t imagine things. How so?

Most of my clairvoyant techniques has been “designed” from scratches, based on personal experiences and feeling “that’s how it should look like”.  By using these new technique, I was able to give accurate psychic readings (accurate, as long as I had no problems with interpreting things). And then, later on, I’ve stumbled upon Katz’s books. I  was nearly stunned by what I’ve read.

Katz techniques for most of clairvoyant abilities such as psychic reading are nearly identical to the techniques I’ve developed. If two different people from different countries who never met each other, come up with identical techniques and they own similar point of view and perception of psychic phenomena, then it’s a proof (at least for me) that all of this is real.

Seeking Your Own Proof

[adsensebox] Once again I have to encourage you to seek your own proofs. You can read over many books, and many research papers, but there’s no better thing than knowing personally that this stuff is real. When you experience weird things, when you know things, when people tell you “oh my, how can you know this?”, it’s kind a cool :).

How to seek your own psychic proof?

  • Try to confirm information you receive – if it’s psychic reading, precognitive dream or something else, always try to confirm information. It will develop open minded skepticism, but finding real proofs will pay off.
  • Read – of course, you can read books, just like I did with Debra Katz – because she described nearly identical techniques to my own, it was a proof for me.
  • Share experiences – talk to other psychics about things you experience and perceive. If they have similar experiences, it’s another way of telling yourself it’s a proof, two people can’t hallucinate the same thing ;).
  • Keep a journal – and read it over. With your knowledge expanding, and re-reading the psychic journal you might find out answers to many questions made in the past, turning them from wonders into real proofs.

With these simple things, you will be able to find many ways to prove your psychic abilities are real, because there’s no better thing than personal proof.

Have you ever experienced something that turned into your ultimate proof of psychic abilities? Have you ever read something, or learned something that became such proof? Share your story in comments, please.

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