How To Master Psychic Dreams

Dream phenomena – have you ever thought how fascinating dreams are? People don’t even know that science cannot explain why do we dream, or what dreams are. Sure, there are some theories, but no one really got the ultimate answer. Many believe dreams show us astral planes, or possible future, and they’re a gateway to our subconscious.


Everyone should try to master their dreams – learn how to remember them, how to interpret them, how to use them for self-improvement. This is what I call “psychic dreams” – a dreams that are dreamed consciously. Not that you can control them, but you’re aware of dreaming. With this article, you will learn how to master your psychic dreams.

Start Dream Journal

In order to master psychic dreams, you need to remember them. You might wonder how is it possible not to remember your dreams. But some people, like me for example, have troubles remembering them. There are multiple reasons for this, for example:

  • Lack of psychic energies
  • Stress or physical illness
  • Or just being tired might cause you not to remember your dreams

Because of this, you should do something to remember your dreams – and it doesn’t matter if you already remember them or not, just do it – start your dream journal, because this is the best way to remember, recall and interpret your dreams. Even if you can remember your dreams after waking up, next day you might forget them.

And with the dream journal, you will always remember your dreams – because they will be written down. Purchase a notebook – use paper to run your journal, because it’s always there, and if you will be waiting for your computer to start, you might forget your dream totally :).

Your dream journal should be independent, it means it should not be contained within other journal, for example psychic notebook. Keep your journal near bed, so you will be able to write down all your dreams after getting up.

Re-Read Your Dream Journal

When you will have your first dreams written down, each evening before going to sleep, re-read some of your dreams. This will recall them, and because of this it will tell your mind “OK, this is cool, I want to remember more of my dreams” – just another mind trick. With this, you will more often recall your dreams in the morning – and you might be surprised how many dreams you can have during single night.

Learn How To Interpret Your Dreams

You might also want to learn dreams interpretation. To do so, you can either purchase dream-book (dream dictionary), for example on Amazon, or you can use Google to search for online dictionaries. Personally, I prefer books :). Reading over different interpretations will expand your knowledge.

But there are few things to remember – the symbols in your dreams aren’t “general” – for me a spider means one thing, for you it might means something else. This is like psychic reading – what we perceive is based on our life, experiences, fears and knowledge. This is one thing. Another is even simpler – sometimes the dream might not be a metaphor with symbols, but a real precognitive dream – there are no symbols there, but the future that is about to come.

All the above will help you master “clairvoyant” part of dreaming – you will be able to perceive information, interpret it, and use it for your own advantage. How? For example, you can use precognitive dreams for fun – telling people what is about to happen. Or you can use symbols you see in your dreams to develop yourself.

Use Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The last part of mastering psychic dreams is all about learning lucid dreaming – lucid dreaming, or LD is a way of becoming aware that you’re dreaming, and controlling your dream. There are many resources in the Web that can teach you do this. Here are two I recommend:

Using techniques for lucid dreaming, you can learn it with time and patience. And don’t think that lucid dreaming is the end – because with it, you can even achieve astral projection. But this is another story. When you will learn lucid dreaming, you will master psychic dreams.

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