Profits That Lie In Third Eye Meditation

Third eye is another name for sixth chakra, located on your forehead. This chakra, this energy centre, is responsible for intellectual abilities, and of course – psychic abilities. Meditating upon this chakra can increase your innate psychic abilities, and give many more profits.


Why this chakra is called “Third Eye”? Quite simple – it is believed that with this chakra we can perceive astral world; energies, spirits, auras etc. In some way, we can do this visually, like with real eyes. And since this chakra is located on your forehead, it’s logical to think of it as yet another, inner eye.

By developing this chakra, it’s possible to perceive psychic energies, astral entities, and other paranormal things. Third Eye Meditation is a term used to describe simple meditation process meant to develop this specific energy centre. This form of meditation is quite simple.

Profits Within

What profits lie in Third Eye meditation? Third eye is supposed to “translate” psychic impressions into more “brain-friendly” data, so it’s possible to perceive psychic energies, develop empathic and clairvoyant skills, expand telepathic abilities, or just learn astral projection. Third eye is psychic abilities chakra. Develop it, and you will growth both on spiritual and psychical level. To many, it’s the greatest profit of third eye meditation.

But, as I said – to many. But not to everyone. Is it really necessary to meditate on the development of the third eye? Some people would say yes, some no. My believe is simple: for some people developing third eye is useful, and it gives results. Others might notice no difference in their psychic abilities. But nothing stands between you and trying this form of meditation. You can try some third eye work, and decide if it’s working on your own.

Third Eye Meditation How To

Third Eye meditation is quite simple. You will need two things to meditate:

With these two elements, you can begin your chakra meditation. It’s quite simple – first, use Sean’s tips to meditate. After few minutes when your mind is clear and at peace, use my own chakra opening technique to start stimulating your chakra. Use New Energy Ways, because it’s most effective technique.

Meditate like this for 15 minutes each day, five days a week, for few weeks or even few months. I suggest keeping journal of this form of meditation in your psychic journal (if you have any). After month or two, you should have the answer if the third eye meditation is helping you or not. If it is – just continue your work. If it’s not, then stop it, because there are still many other ways to develop your psychic abilities.

More detailed information about stimulation of all chakras (including third eye) and use of New Energy Ways can be found in my guidebook Psychic Development Simplified. Be sure to read it, because it contains lot more helpful tips, tutorials and advices you can use to develop your psychic abilities.

Have you ever tried third eye meditation or other chakra opening? Did it worked for you? Please share your stories in comments to this article.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Hi Nathan,
    So should you work your way up from the root chakra
    and then make your way up to the third eye or can you immediately
    start at the third eye?


    by Evan / October 1st 2010

  2. Either this, either that :). You can try experimenting with third eye first, then start again with root chakra and move up, or you can start with root first. It’s your choice. Psychic development is often all about experiments :).

    by Nathaniel / October 1st 2010

  3. I live in a place where stress energies are more common then relaxing energies at least its been this way for the past six months to a year since the economic times have hit home. Away when I go through daily life and the energies don’t make me feel good or affect me I use my third eye to look at the energy and it keep them out of my fourth and third chakras. Now that works most of the time but some days the energies are so over powering that I have to stop focusing with my third eye and let the energies fill my fourth and third chakras which really doesn’t feel the best and will then make me unconscious through out the day. Is there any pointers you could give on where to put my focus through out the day when the energies are over powering?

    by John / October 2nd 2010

  4. Some evolutionary biologists believe that the vertebrate pineal cells share a common evolutionary ancestor with retinal cells.

    Unlike much of the rest of the mammalian brain, the pineal gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier system. Indeed it has profuse blood flow, second only to the kidney.

    Is this gland the principal seat of the soul? The place in which all our thoughts are formed? We cannot find any part of the brain, except this, which is not double.

    The pineal gland is involved in sensation, imagination, memory and the causation of bodily movements. In short it is the center of all human experience.

    Thus it is not surprising that the pineal gland has been associated with the occult and paranormal experiences. “The third Eye.”

    by Ren / October 2nd 2010

  5. I have a friend this will be perfect for; two in fact. Be sure I will be passing it along!


    by Brenda / October 2nd 2010

  6. @John,

    Have you tried shielding yourself? – I can’t think of any better way to stop outside energies from influencing you. Also, you should definitely learn how to ground – to get rid of unwanted energies.

    by Nathaniel / October 2nd 2010