How To Deal With Psychic Kids

Few days ago I mentioned about some psychic experiences I had that proved to me that as child, I had psychic abilities. And I strongly believe there are more kids out there, psychic kids – who might or might not develop their skills further. This article is meant mainly for parents, who suspect their kid to be psychic.


Let’s make things clear – first of all, I do not believe that psychic kids are a problem. But they might mean troubles, that need to be dealt with. Second of all, I believe every child is psychic to some degree, and it’s just the society today that is causing natural psychic abilities to disappear. While this is the case in most situations, some kids are either encouraged by parents to develop natural skills, or they’re developing these in secret.

Let’s assume this is the case – so what should you do if your kid is psychic, and he or she is, period?

How to Recognize Psychic Kids

Definitely, some kids might have better psychic abilities than others. And even if every child can develop these abilities, not every child will provide any “symptoms” of psychic phenomena. So how to recognize if your child is psychic?

  • Saying things – first, kids might say things, about seeing things, knowing things, but you might not be able to find logical source of the information.
  • Imaginary friends – kids often have imaginary friends, that only they can see. These can be spirits (you know, ghosts) or spirit guides. The child might mention talking to them, and being taught by them.
  • Dreams – kids might have precognitive dreams, and dream about things that are about to happen.
  • Astral Projection – or they might tell you about flying in a “dream” around the house, reporting all activity going on there, while they should not know anything about it, as they’re supposed to be sleeping.

These are only few examples of being psychic kid. But you must be careful before jumping to conclusions – “is your kid psychic” is difficult and complex subject. Modern psychology might prove it’s just child imagination, or even prove some mental illness, while years ago it would be consider to be a gift from God, or something like that.

This generates the biggest problem – if you will consider your child to be psychic, you might encourage him or her to develop psychic abilities. But what if the kid is really mentally ill, you will be hurting him. Of course, vice versa, if the kid is psychic, and you will take him to a psychologist, he will surely find something wrong, and your perfectly normal kid will end up taking drugs. This isn’t an option, either, and it’s definitely a problem

The Golden Mean

Because of the above, you should look for golden mean. First, assume that your child might be psychic. Encourage it to practice energy work, and tell you more about his or her psychic experiences. Try some psychic exercises with your kid, too, for example – zener cards test. Look for small things:

  • Do the tests provide good results? Are they above statistical error?
  • Is the child providing you with correct information? Can you find logical explanation for kid’s knowledge or not?
  • Is the child’s behavior is positive or negative? Do you think the spirit guide is asking your kid to do bad things?

And here are the things you should never do:

  • Never assume the child is mentally ill. But at the same time, never assume he or she is definitely psychic. Find the golden mean, observe.
  • Never assume the child is possessed by spirits or demons. This can end up very bad, and not because the kid is possessed, but because you might think he or she is.
  • Never tell the child that he is imagining things. And never tell him that what he sees or knows is real. Ask the child only to tell you about his or her experiences, just talk.

Start a journal and write down everything you observe – behavior, predictions, precognitive dreams, weird events in your house etc. This is important, as based on your observation, you will have to decide if the child is psychic, or ill.

In Case of Emergency

Now let’s say that based on your observation: your child is doing bad things; your child is faking things, as he have ways of acquiring information that seems to be psychic; your child is getting more aggressive; no weird activity is going on in your house, and for everything weird you can find logical explanations.

Then, it’s time to take the child for a visit to psychologist. Tell the psychologist about your journal, and your observations and theory about psychic kids, and also tell that based on your observation, you do not believe the kid is psychic, but in reality, there’s something wrong going on.

Really, tell about the journal – all the things you have written down might prove useful for the psychologist.

My Child Is Psychic – What Now?

But what if the child’s behavior is quite normal? What if there’s no logical explanation for the kid knowing things, what if the spirit guide is always helping the child, and everything is looking good except… the child is psychic. What now?

The child should be encouraged to develop natural psychic skills. He or she should be provided with proper books (be careful when choosing them, as they should be kid-friendly).

A State of Mind recommends Teen Psychic: Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers – kid-friendly guide for psychic development.

There are many reasons for this – psychics are people who always find the right path in their life, they make better choices, they’re more peaceful, more loving, more friendly. And no, they don’t have to choose career of psychic reader, don’t worry. You should always talk with your kid about psychic experiences, you should support and encourage him or her.

Perhaps this approach will lead to creating a better world, if more people will be naturally psychics, treating each other with respect.

Do you have kids? Are they psychic? Do you think that if you will have a child, will you encourage him or her to develop psychic abilities?

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  1. Thank you for this post! I have 3 children, all of them have had some experiences that couldn’t be explained “naturally”. My oldest has been diagnosed with a severe mood discorder and depression and is now medicated by strong anti-psychotic medications, since the medication began she has had no experiences. My other two are both boys and while I don’t think that they are psychic I definitely can tell that they are more sensitive than adults. I agree with you that it’s easier for children to tap into that part of themselves and when they are very young, they don’t realize that it’s not something that everyone does. My family struggled with getting the right treatment for my daughter, she is doing much better now but knowing when to get help and medication was very important.

    by Cynedra / September 29th 2010