Psychic Experiences that Prove Innate Psychic Abilities

I’m that kind of person that says everyone is psychic, everyone have some innate psychic abilities since the day they were born. As I was developing my psychic abilities, I begun to notice many things that became proofs for the statement above. My own proofs for natural psychic abilities.


Let me share two of my experiences with you, first related to trance, second to astral projection.

Understanding Trance

Trance is a state of mind achieved with proper meditation. With time and effort, everyone can learn how to enter trance – when your natural psychic abilities are strongest, and your ESP skills gives great effects. One of my experiences related to psychic development was directly related to trance.

I was meditating – and after few minutes of meditation, I entered new form of trance, deeper than ever. I felt so small, while everything around me was so big, overwhelming I might say. I knew it’s trance state and I felt perfectly safe. But then it hit me – that was the sensation I had when I was a child.

When I was about 7 years old, after getting to bad trying to fall asleep, I was achieving the very same mind-physical state. I figured out that when I was young, I was entering trance with no effort at all. I had the skill, but I forgot about it – later, I had to learn how to use it all over again.

My Astral Projection

Later on, when I was 14 years old, and I was growing up, I was experiencing another weird sensation when I was falling asleep. My physical body was vibrating and pulsing, and I thought my heart is about to blow up. My dad said it was related to coffee I was learning to drink ;).

But then, many years later I begun exploration of Astral Projection – so called “out of body experience”. For many months I didn’t experienced anything weird, but then the strange vibrations returned, after all these years. The very same feeling I had when I was 14 years old, was in reality normal state required to project out of body – something all these books described as vibrations.

[adsensebox] I was shocked. As it turned out, I had the capability of conscious astral projection when I was 14 years old, but with time the skill was forgotten and I had to learn it once more.

Lessons for you.

There’s a lesson or two in my experiences. First of all, it appears that my theory of ignorance is stronger than ever. If we ignore the sensation and experiences we have, the mind is learning how to shut them down. Therefore, vice versa – if we start to pay attention to weird sensations, experiences and events, the brain learns that we want more of these. Think about it.

Second of all, teach your kids. Talk with them. Let them tell you about their weird experiences and do not allow them to shut the abilities, but to control them. Encourage their own psychic development, let them know that you know what they’re talking about and it’s quite normal. For kids, everything is real and simple. I do not say that you should persuade them that their imaginary friend is real, but encourage them to explore the psychic subjects.

Both these lessons might prove to be very important for everyone.

Have you ever experienced something during your own development, that recalled memories from childhood, proving that you had these abilities many years ago? Share your stories in comments, please.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Hi Nathan,
    Actually I can recall a astral projection experience when I was 13.
    I was very tired one night but I stayed up for a while thinking about something
    I was worried about without moving and then my body went numb and started to vibrate and then BOOM it felt like I was falling and I saw underneath my bed.
    It scared me pretty bad and caused me to snap back into my body.
    As I grew older I learned how to not be shocked so now when they happen I
    could remain in the astral.


    by Evan / September 20th 2010

  2. When I was 2 I had that imaginary friend. Only not so imaginary as spirit. We used to hang out most when other people where not around. Apparently not so secret though. Even my aunt remembers the presence around me. Every picture I have of me from 2 to 4 has one of those orb spots in it. I remember distinctively loosing my friend and saying goodbye one day. I was not happy about no longer needing him like he said. I cried but moved on.

    by Ren / September 21st 2010

  3. I find it’s the little things that confirm my psychic abilities. In particular, the things I just know. For example, looking for my phone and then suddenly it rings (happens constantly), knowing who is ringing, knowing not to take a certain road because it will be blocked, knowing someone is unhappy and I can make a quick call etc etc I have evidence of this daily. My favourite is when I ask for a car park in a certain spot and it’s there!

    by Jane Psychic Medium / April 26th 2011

  4. It’s all in the details, isn’t it :).

    by Nathaniel / April 27th 2011

  5. I found out that I had abilities when i was young. I forgot about some of them because i had a rough childhood but remembered them after my mom mentioned them. I am able to see spirits but they are always in the form that they died. Like for instance, if they died a gruesome external death like being shot or something that’s how I see them. I also can sense when something bad is going to happen and have known of people close to me dieing before they actually do. I also know certain things without being told about it, being taught it, or even before it happens. Another ability related to psychic abilities is that I can also manipulate fire and feel the emotions of others. It seems most of you on here also have the abilities i mentioned above but it can also be a curse if you are young and don’t know how to control them. Like one time I recall that I didn’t just know that someone close to me was dieing but I also felt the pain he went through when he died ( he was shot in the chest by a 45 magnum handgun).

    by Gary / August 21st 2011

  6. Gary, sounds like you have developed ESP abilities with a bit of empathic skills, too. Do you practice grounding and psychic shielding? As these two simple skills can help you learn a bit of control over your skills.

    by Nathaniel / August 22nd 2011