What Channeling is all about

What is the real magic and mystery of channeling? Like anything else that I have written about I will tell you to forget things that you have heard and been told especially if they are cast in a negative light. Channeling is an individual act brought on by ones own desires and interests. In fact it is something we do all the time without realizing it.



If you go to work for instance you channel a mindset that will most suit your needs at work. Going to Work is a ritual act and the more energy you put into it the more you get out of it, good or bad.

Say you are looking for an answer: You want to know if God exists? The result is always the same, yes God does exist. On the other hand what if Gods does not exist? You will of course find that God does not exist.

So where does all this confusion really stem from? Why can’t everybody get the same answer from a straight question? The truth is we are not all asking exactly what we say we are asking and therefore we are channeling different things in order to find our answers.

The point of this article is not to teach you how to channel as I have already stated channeling is something we do all the time. The point is to teach you to be aware of what you are channeling so that you can be more aware and in control of the results.

You’re channeling already

I am most focused and receptive when I am calm and at peace for instance. I have this whole ritual of imagining myself as an entity made purely of energy with no mortal conflicts. I enter a calm and accepting state where I know that everything happens for a reason and that the sooner I understand what the Universe is trying to tell me the sooner I can move on to a happier and healthier way of life.

When channeling it is a good idea to be very raw and honest with ones self. What you want and what you seek are one in the same. You may find it a good idea in fact to verify what it is you are seeking and why. If for instance you want to be better at your job but in truth you go to your job every day looking for a reason to quit… you might want to realize that on a conscious level so you might be able to redirect that energy and use it to channel something more productive into your life.

A list of things to channel:

  • Your personal Role Models
  • Star personalities that you can identify with.
  • Nature, water, plants and animals.
  • Any person you want to understand better. (This one is not easy.)
  • Different aspects of yourself.
  • Like minded individuals (this is like laying out a welcoming mat and saying hay I’m over here).
  • Creative thought (for times when the answer isn’t readily available).
  • Emotional Convictions (can be used as an anti-depressant if your good at it).
  • Healing and Strength Training (Focusing your energy on your body can boost your body’s performance; it’s the difference between being actively engaged in what you are doing or being a passive participant.)

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  1. Oh, so there is a name for this! I only fairly recently realized I’ve been subconciously doing this for years. I was beginning to become concerned that it was something to be worried about.

    by anonymous / September 9th 2010