How I Have Increased my Psychic Sensitivity in 1 Week

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that the secret for developing psychic abilities is paying attention and practicing. But a lot of people don’t even realize how quickly you can turn from normal guy into psychic. Personally, with simple techniques I’ve managed to increase my psychic sensitivity in just 1 week. Would you like to learn how I did it?


Psychic Sensitivity is just a term that describes our skill to perceive psychic energies – and these energies carry emotions, thoughts, and tons of information about different things. That’s why it’s one of the most basic abilities to learn – but you can’t learn it in very active way, it’s more like passive ability that develops along with general psychic development practice.

Psychic Stuff you Need to Know

There are two important things you need to keep in mind. Based on my research I’ve noticed many people do practice psychic development, but they pay no attention to psychic energies. This is bad. And vice versa, many people pay attention to energies, but practice no at all. So:

  • You need to practice – learning energy manipulation, psi-balls, psychic shielding, Extra-Sensory Perception skills etc, these are still mandatory things to do.
  • You need to pay attention – and along with practicing, you need to pay attention, in other words, you need to work on your psychic sensitivity. This is what the post is about.

Within single week I managed to increased my psychic sensitivity a lot, using only two simple steps.

Increasing psychic sensitivity with a sticky note

[adsensebox] How can you develop psychic abilities further using these yellow sticky notes? Well, you can, and actually, it was green sticky note :). I took that piece of paper, and wrote down the following question: “what energies do you sense right now?” I’ve placed the note below my laptop’ keyboard, and since I use my laptop a lot because of my job, each day that note was in front of me.

And then I just started paying attention to it – without ignoring, every single time I’ve noticed there is a note there, I responded to the question – I stopped what I was doing, and I begun to pay attention, trying to identify energies. It gave me interesting results within first week – as I started to notice energies I never felt before.

Increasing psychic sensitivity with a girlfriend

But that was just the beginning. My girlfriend help me a lot, too. Since I wasn’t able to bring the sticky note with me everywhere I go, I needed someone to ask me the question about psychic energies I was sensing. So I asked Annette to help me with this. From time to time she asks me what energies do I sense, and I respond to the question by paying attention.

These two simple techniques are still increasing my sensitivity on daily basis. How is this possible? Because by paying attention I’m telling my brain “yep, I want more of these” and it responds to my needs. And, psychic sensitivity is a like a muscle – the more you practice it, the better it gets.

Steps to take

Here’s how can you use my own experiences for your own practice and development:

  • Use sticky notes – place them on everything you often use, for example on your computer, smartphone (if any), notebook, or even a fridge :).
  • Ask people to help you – ask your friends, family members and others to help you; tell them to ask you about the energies randomly, from time to time.
  • Always respond – no matter what, when someone will ask you about the energies, or you will notice the notes around, stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention to energies. If you will ignore these, your sensitivity won’t develop.

Stick to these tips, and you will be able to develop your psychic sensitivity very quickly.

Do you know other methods of increasing psychic sensitivity based on your own experiences?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. This Is a very good post you have made. One of this biggest factors in why some people are sensitive and others are not is that they place doubt where there should be curiosity. If you tell your subconscious something is important you will notice it more often. Where as if you ignore something every time it happens or dismiss it. Those things will be ignored on a subconscious level before you even realize they are happening. Most of the Psychic world has been lost in subtleties.

    When I work I can always feel some people in the room more then others. These are the people that tend to affect my own mood most. It’s one of the reasons I try to stay positive because I know that energy feeds off of energy for better or worse. Yesterday was a bad example of that: I Came in just trying to get the night over with and every other person in the room was quiet and unengaged. So everything ended up business as normal but nothing interesting happened from that point forward.

    by Ren / September 7th 2010

  2. Nathan,
    Again, another great post! Now I have no need to blog about development! :)

    One of the things I suggested to clients wishing to develop their abilities was to always carry a small notebook or notepad around with them, in order to jot down impressions, etc.

    For example; if you wake up and feel as though it may rain (despite the forecast); write it down. If you feel as though it will rain at noon; write it down. You can then go back and check to see how accurate you’re impressions are; many are surprised to see accurate they are from the beginning!

    by Brenda / September 7th 2010

  3. hey dude what the hell are you doing see and senceing th supernatural and aura is awful i shold know i was born with it , people that want these gifts are beyond stupied because once you feel them they don’t leave you alone it drives me mad , i doubt you could handle feeling of seeing or hearing the supernatural is awful and if you want the gifts you need to be born with them or have them be passed on by some one who had the gift this is a joke!

    by ros el ghosti / September 7th 2010

  4. @Brenda,

    Notebook, this is great tip, thanks!

    @Ros El Ghosti,
    Technically, I know what I’m doing since I’m not just a “psychic wannabe” ;). If it drives you mad, shield yourself.
    Never assume something, as you might be wrong.

    by Nathaniel / September 7th 2010