How to Become Professional Psychic

Career of a psychic is something a lot of people who deals with psychic abilities think of, but not many people are able to make it happen. Practically I’m not professional psychic in a matter of speaking, but more like professional paranormal explorer :). But I know a lot of psychics, and I can tell you how to become professional psychic yourself.


First of all, you need to know that becoming professional psychic might take few years. Sure, it’s possible to become a PRO within few months, but you would have to work hard. But if you will stick to the tips I present here, you should have no problems with becoming professional psychic.

Learn Psychic Abilities

Obviously, first of all, you have to master psychic abilities first. You can learn how to develop them from my e-book here, then you need to practice and practice in order to become better and better psychic. At the same time, this is the first step in your “becoming pro” journey. While still learning and practicing psychic skills on daily basis, do the following things as well:

  • Give free psychic readings – but tell people that you’re still learning and you don’t know how accurate you will be. Let them agree to honest, free psychic reading.
  • Offer psychic healing – if you know someone is ill, or wounded, offer free psychic healing. Again, tell the person that you can’t promise anything as you’re just learning.
  • Offer free remote viewing – something is lost? Someone is missing? Offer remote viewing services for free. Again, you’re just learning :).

You got the point – try to offer as much free psychic services as you can. These steps will provide you with additional practical experience and skills. And this will further improve your psychic abilities.

Step by Step Guide to Becoming Professional Psychic

When you will believe you have mastered psychic abilities enough, you can start working on becoming professional. Keep in mind that you should still offer freeĀ servicesĀ in order to get better and better. But now, at the same time, follow these steps:

  1. Launch a website – First step is mandatory these days. You need a place where you will offer your services and write a blog. So you need to decide what kind of services you will offer and how much you will charge for them. All these information should be put online. In addition, if you will decide to offer psychic readings, you can offer them through email, or Skype – do not offer phone readings, they’re too expensive. Figure out a way to charge for reading through Skype, it’s a better choice. On the blog, write about your psychic experiences, adventures and other psychic stuff. Let the people get to know you.
  2. Start advertising – without advertising your services, you won’t get customers. Start advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook Ads etc. Place an ad in local newspaper too. And join social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and start writing. Keep in mind that content is the king, so do not end up only with promoting yourself.
  3. Publish an e-book – It’s always good to publish an e-book (paper books aren’t the best choice any more), in which you will share some tips about being a psychic, or teach psychic abilities, or share your psychic experiences and stories. If you’re not computer geek, all you have to do is to write raw text, and publish it with A State of Mind, I will take care of technical stuff. This will give you additional exposure and additional income stream.
  4. Get interviewed – Try to get in contact with local radio, maybe they would be interested in doing an interview with you? Or you can look around the Web for psychic related podcasts and ask if their authors would be interested in an interview.
  5. Write an article for local newspaper or a website – Start writing articles, for paper magazines and websites. Send them to publishers or website owners, asking for publications. Or you can start writing for eZines, or eHow – these gives additional exposure and advertising opportunities.
  6. Launch an e-store – many psychics often create additional income stream for their business by selling goods, like incenses, talismans or amulets. You can do this too, by launching online store on your website and selling psychic or New Age gear.

Of course, while getting interviewed, writing e-book etc., don’t forget you need to look for customers and advertise, and finally – work. Give readings, heal, help in locating missing people etc. This will give you money, and the more you earn each month, the more probable is that you will be able to drop your daily job and become professional psychic, period.

I have few more tips for you:

  • Threat it like business – becoming professional psychic is a business. It means you must register your business, you need to advertise yourself, look for customers, manage money, taxes etc. Reading few books about managing a company will be good idea.
  • It’s like freelancing – you’re working for yourself. So this is like freelancing, you’re finding customer, getting the job done, and taking money for it. Then you’re looking for another customer, and in the meantime, you’re promoting yourself.
  • Manage your customers – Get some notebook, or computer software, manage your customers and all your projects. Know what you have to do today, manage appointments, manage everything :).
  • Get money in advance – regarding payment, do not ask for money straight ahead. Take 20% in advance, and the rest after getting the job done. If it will be done well, you will get all the money. If it won’t be done well, you will refund these 20%. Always refund, be honest.

And with these tips and steps, you should become professional psychic. Of course, this will require you to work pretty hard, but hey – if you want this, then it’s worth it, right?

Are you professional psychic? Would you like to become one? If you are, how did you become PRO? Share your thoughts and stories in comments below this post, please.

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  1. Very interesting article, I also believe we are all able to connect to the other side. We are after all spiritual beings having a human experience,
    Blessed Be

    by Rea de Miranda / September 1st 2010

  2. Nathan,

    These are all excellent tips for anyone wanting to start a business. I’ve been reading professionally for many years, and growing a clientele takes time and patience. So, those wanting to start or expand your business; this is excellent advice.

    Thanks for encouraging others!

    by Brenda / September 5th 2010

  3. Thank you :).

    by Nathaniel / September 5th 2010