Some of My Psychic Experiences

Often people think that being a psychic means you’re able to throw people onto walls with telekinesis, read minds word by word, see colourful psychic energies all over the time, communicate with spirits on daily basis etc. Honestly, as psychic I can’t agree – being a psychic is and always has been about small things.


To better describe these small things, today I’m going to share some of my own psychic experiences with you, so you will gain better picture about being psychic.

Sensing Emotions

Most popular psychic experiences in my case are related to psychic empathy, or in other words – sensing emotions. To give out few examples. One day I was passing by a mother with young child – and I sensed strong emotional bound between her and her child. Such pleasant energies these were.

Other time, I was standing in queue in a store, and there was that lady, a mother of older man -30+ he was I believe. He was mentally handicapped – and I was able to sense strong, negative emotions – sadness and fear, that his mother projected. She was already an older lady and she was worrying what will happen to his son after she will pass away.

Another time my buddy from dormitory was preparing for a date, and I was able to sense cool positive, powerful energies – he was so happy then.

Sensing Psychic Energies

Being psychic is also about sensing psychic energies. How many times I was able to sense the storm coming, I have lost count. During winter time, I’m able to sense energies being transfered by snow crystals. Or, the closer the Halloween is, the darker the energies become – which is kind a cool, as they make me very productive.

Knowing Things

One day, my girlfriend’s mother decided to visit our flat – and she asked Annette to go to a doctor with here. At least, we thought it was about doctor. But I received psychic impression – fast one, that just hit me within single second – it was no doctor they were going to visit – I instantly knew Annette’s mother is taking here to a psychic! Sufficient to say, I was right.

One time the phone rang, which wasn’t a surprise for me – for at least 5 minutes I psychically knew my boss is calling. Another time I was passing by a man, about 40+ I guess, and as I walked by him, I instantly knew that his digital camera was a gift from his child – it just hit me.

Don’t expect psychic to throw things

As you can see – psychic experiences can be big (visions, precognitive dreams, poltergeist effect), or quite small, like these I have described above. Of course, some psychics and energy workers can do more, some less, perceive more or less. It all depends on experience and one psychic development. What I want you to know is – do not try to become superhero when developing psychic abilities – being psychic is about small things.

What about you? Can you share some of your psychic experiences in the comments to this post below?  Do this, I enjoy it :).

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Too True. It’s always the stuff you mistake as common knowledge too until you take a moment to think “how do I know that” and then it comes to you… Technically you don’t know, no one told you… and it’s not something you can just tell. This is usually the point that one might start asking simplistic questions that lead to the same answer, but in a more acceptable fashion. Plus verification is always needed in situations like these or one might think they are going crazy.

    by Ren / August 31st 2010

  2. Wow. Where to even begin! I have small and big experiences, myself; some of which I’ve blogged. Many I’ve yet to write about. It’s true that if you pay attention to ‘the little things’ you eventually realize it was no coincidence that you already knew; before it happens!

    by Brenda / September 5th 2010