Psychic v.s. Normal

Every psychic has a goal. Most just want to help others and I get that. There is a lot broken in this world that could use a little fixing. My goal is to bridge a gap.


Half the words we use as psychics arn’t even found in a dictionary. There is often a distance placed between everyday life and psychic experiences. Often what is seen is a curiosity: “does this possibly exist?” Followed by validation: “yes, personal experience says it does.” Followed by confusion: “was I just imagining that sensation?”

Practice almost always gives us good results the first time, followed by a period of -well nothing. This period is the calculating stage where our minds decide if this new way of perceiving things is good for our mental state. There are a lot of things within the paranormal realm that cause fear to be the initial reaction.

At first it was about does this exist, now it is about coming to terms with how to deal with it. That is a lot harder. If you have not had the fears and doubts creap into your head in one way or anther then I challenge you to imagine a psychic event that would cause that level of shock to unfold in your mind.

What I would like to say here is that: psychic mastering is a disipline and like all disciplines there is a mental conditioning involved. You are not only opening your mind to new possibilities, you are redefining your own theories on how the world works. It is an ongoing process. Like invention and science, one descovery always leads to the next.

I have been personal witness to those among us who were not ready to accept the mental side-effects of new psychic experieces. When you are lucky your mind simply places doubt where it once found excitement.

Could you really imagine a yourself surviving a 20ft fall and landing not only intact but on your feet? That is even hard for me to imagine. Point being: what would your mind do to protect itself from suffering a nourvous brakedown? If you know something is not possible, but it happens anyways, how do you cope with it?

What kind of fears do you have?
Have you had an experience that has caused confusion or doubt?

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  1. So true, so true – it’s somehow related to the previous article I wrote –

    Personally I never had such experiences related to psychic stuff, but more directly to demonology. But it works the same way, the mind is trying to figure out if this is the right path to walk.

    by Nathaniel / August 28th 2010

  2. I find myself on the Quantum level of physics, to cope with it all.

    Great statement, it brought a new way to cope with it all.

    by Timothy / August 29th 2010

  3. I think Timothy is on the right path. In fact, it’s been recently discovered that quantum mechanics plays an important role in DNA structure:

    It could well be that psychic development activates some “undocumented features” in our nervous system related with the above. I’ve also found meaningful the fact that energy exercises focus mainly on body joints, which incidentally have the highest density of nervous terminations.

    As for the risks involved in psychic development, yes, I think there are quite a few. It might have been just by chance, but when I began exercising, I experiencied an epidemic of electronic equipment failures both at home and at work, affecting my Blackberry, internet router, my car’s electronic dashboard, power failures at my office, and a couple of single-lightning events in my town (I had never seen such a thing before).
    In the worst case, one could end up being fired as in the Rosenheim case ;)

    by Bert / September 7th 2010

  4. @Bert,

    OK, Poltergeist is kind a cool thing, being there – done that :).

    by Nathaniel / September 7th 2010