The Secret About Psychic Abilities That’s Too Good To Be True

So you’ve read over many books that teaches about psychic development. Perhaps you have even read over my book. But you might have missed the point I’ve presented there – you see, many people who read over tutorials or whole books like my own, do develop their psychic abilities – but for a week or two. Then, they’re returning to that “beginner’s state”. But this can be dealt with.


People I’ve taught how to develop psychic abilities managed to do so. But after few weeks to few months, few of them returned to the place where they’ve been before starting the system I’ve developed – they were beginners again. I wondered why this is happening, and I believed in my whole psychic development system I missed one thing. Something that was so obvious for me that I totally forgot about it.

The secret of psychic abilities that is too good to be true is: you need to practice.

That’s something I go over and over again in my book, but at the same time, something that people still don’t understand.

The problem lies in ignorance

Don’t worry, I’m not offending anyone – but ignorance is a reason why people fail to develop psychic abilities, or even forgot about things they have already learned. I will explain it with an example.

You have learned how to sense psychic energies. This is automatically improving general clairvoyance abilities, and you’re beginning to know things. You’re getting excited, but for some reasons, you’re focusing all over the time on your mundane existence. You’re still picking up psychic impressions, but because you have more important things to attend right now, you’re ignoring these impressions. And because of this, your brain is learning that you don’t want to pick up these information at all. You had psychic abilities, and now they’re gone.

This is something we have done as young kids – parents told us to ignore things we were picking up – so we did.  And you can repeat the process – you can shut down all your psychic senses any time you want. But recalling them is much more difficult. The best thing to do is not to let these skills go away.

How to stay psychic

[adsensebox] You must remain sensitive at all time. As I said, if you have some mundane task to do, and because of this you ignore psychic impressions, your brain will act on it. But it works in opposite as well – so, if you will have some other things to do, but even so you will pay attention to psychic impressions, your brain will learn that you want more of these.

The best thing to do is to learn not to ignore psychic impressions.

  • If you feel strange psychic energies – act on it, pay attention. Think why do you sense them? What is the source? Pay complete attention to all your sensations.
  • If you have a dream – pay attention. Run dreams journal, analyze your dreams. Let your brain knows you want more of these.
  • If you know things – act on them. Think why do you know them, and think how can you use them.

Never, ever ignore psychic impressions, act on them. Pay attention, analyze them, think of them, and think in positive way. Think that you want more impressions, you want to have more precognitive dreams, more clairvoyant information. And never ignore things you feel.

Simple exercise

Write down the following question on piece of paper: “what energies do you sense right now?” – and place that piece of paper in some visible place. I used to have it on keyboard of my laptop – every time I used it, I was noticing the question, and paying attention to energies. You can dot his too – never ignore it, always try to sense the energies. That’s the simplest exercise for tuning it.

The more you pay attention, the better psychic you become

Mechanics is simple – the more information you’re paying attention to, the more things you sense and experience. Because your brain is learning that this is what you want (sounds like psychic law of attraction, doesn’t it?). Sure, you can still care about your mundane existence and daily tasks, but any time you sense or notice something – act on it. You wanted to be psychic, right?

Paying attention is something that psychics (and me, in my book) describe as radio tower metaphor – you have to tune in to be psychic. And paying attention is tuning in.

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