What preparing of scrambled eggs can teach you about psychic development

Can you believe that such simple procedure as preparation of scrambled eggs for breakfast can teach you something about psychic development? Honestly, there are at leasts two lessons in such simple thing – and I haven’t noticed them until few days ago I prepared scrambled eggs automatically, without even thinking about it.


Why is it so significant that I mention it?

You’re getting better at “it” with time and practise

At first, I wasn’t very good at it – something as simple as preparation of scrambled eggs for breakfast was black magic… Umm, OK, bad example. But I knew the basics – eggs throw on frying-pan, add some salt, stir it for few minutes and you’re done. But – I needed to pay attention to everything I was doing – many times I forgot to add salt, so it wasn’t the best scrambled eggs I tried.

But with time, I become better at it – I stopped thinking of doing things step by step, today I’m simple doing things, without even thinking about it. That’s how you’re becoming an expert, to knowledge you’re adding practice and experience, and finally you simple know things.

You’re becoming an expert – you don’t need to look at that small recipe you have (4 eggs, salt), you just know it. This is what creates the difference between adept and master – adept knows something after reading fine print. Master knows something, just because he knows something.

And that lesson doesn’t apply only to breakfasts – but to everything. No matter what you’re doing, the mechanics stays the same.

  1. You read something – and you claim theoretical knowledge.
  2. You practice something – and you’re learning the practical aspects.
  3. You know – with enough practice, you gain experience, and you need books no more, you already know that particular thing.

Very same rules applies to learning how to develop psychic abilities – you read a tutorial for psychic ability, you practice it, and with time, you’re getting so good at it, that you no longer think about performing the skill – you just do it, automatically, acting on instinct. And that’s simple great!

There are lessons for you everywhere you go

But there’s one more lesson here – it teaches us that lessons for us are everywhere we go – in the kitchen, on the street. Psychic development is all about learning, so you should pay attention to everything that is going around you. There might be things out there, that can teach you something no one else can teach you. Perhaps one day you will be teaching me about things I haven’t noticed.

What other lessons can you find in such simple thing as preparation of scrambled eggs? Share your thoughts in comments, please.

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  1. If you add butter to your scrambled eggs, they taste so much better! Makes them creamier. ;)

    I agree with you in that people need to pay attention more, especially when they are seeing coincidences! They are so much more than that! Every coincidence can be an opportunity for you to work on developing your intuition.

    by drea / August 21st 2010