How To Learn Telepathy – Step by Step

Telepathy, fascinating psychic ability that allows one to communicate with each other on long distances, without any verbal means, using thoughts only. Is it possible to learn telepathy? Heck, I wouldn’t be writing this blog if I wouldn’t think so – of course it’s possible to learn telepathy. And in this article, I’ll tell you how to do this step by step.


A Little Bit of Theory

So how does telepathy actually work? There are many theories, and I will present two of them. First of all, it is believed that psychic energies flows all around us – and they’re capable of transferring information. While they do this, our energy bodies are capable of picking up these energies, and then “translate” them to information we consciously pick up. That’s the first theory.

Second theory says there is a structure called the Matrix (people interested in Remote Viewing are already familiar with that term). All information that were, are and will be, are already stored on the Matrix. Our subconscious mind is capable of “plugging into” these information, and translating them into conscious thoughts – this way, we can pick up telepathic data.

How To Learn Telepathy Step By Step

It’s possible to learn telepathy, because you’re already psychic. All you have to do is to learn some techniques, and practise, practise, practise. People at were practising telepathy with great results, even I practised it, and I’ve to admit, it’s quite interesting skill. In order to learn it, you need some “practical theory” which you can find in this article:

[adsensebox] Information from that article are enough for simple practise. Now you need a practise partner, so you can start learning telepathy. You can find a friend in “off-line” world, or via Skype or other online communicator. Distance pay no role here, you can be in New York, and your partner in London.

Then, according to article above, you need to find the person you want to send the message to – finding is simple process that is based simple on thinking of specific person – it’s as simple as it sounds. Then you can start sending information. What can you send? I suggest checking another article below:

There are quite few games for telepathy in that article, which you can use along with practical tutorial linked earlier. That’s all :). There’s nothing more you need to know, you can start learning the skill right away – find the person to train with, organize practise session, and have fun!

How can you use telepathy

How can telepathy be used? You can ping someone who is away from computer, and “ask him” to contact you – you can ping someone like “pick up the damn phone”. You can use telepathy to persuade that lovely girl to look at you. There are countless possibilities. Rely on your creativity, friend!

Have you ever tried telepathy? Did it worked? Do you know any useful uses for such psychic skill?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Yes. Yes. And Yes. Telepathy is a very useful form of communication… Like when you have something to say that you simply cannot say outloud. When you want to know how deep of a connection you have with someone. Or when you just need to accept the truth within an issue. It is a great bonding tool.

    by Ren / August 17th 2010

  2. I don’t know if we’re all tapped in to some One Mind thing or what, but cases where people come up with the same inventions almost at the same time really make me think that there’s some kind of collective consciousness or some kind of world-wide-mind-network that we tap into for telepathy and psychic information.

    I found a really in depth article on telepathy here:

    I think it’s interesting how he says that one of the challenges you have when trying to telepathically get information from someone else is that you have to try to receive mental images/thoughts that may not be totally focused or clear.

    Have you had any success telepathically reading the minds of people who don’t really have a clear focus or have an untrained mind?

    by David C / August 17th 2010

  3. Regarding that collective consciousness – you should read few Dean Radin’s books about this :).

    As for your question – yep, but I was able to pick tons of random things, so it looked more like empathy, than telepathy. If there’s no clear focus, it seems hard to pick up anything.

    by Nathaniel / August 18th 2010

  4. Telepathy for me has been something I only shared with one friend many years ago. It drove her sister up the wall. She told us we were answering questions the other didn’t ask. Until then we had no idea we were doing it. I have had many minor forms of it happen though; like knowing a strangers name before speaking to them.

    I fully believe everyone has the ability to be telepathic. It is just like any other skill or ability. It must be developed to be useful. Am I right in this assumption?

    by Bryce / August 20th 2010

  5. Wow not sure what happened with my comment above- is that arabic? LOL. here it is again.

    Unfortunately I do not have the gift of telepathy, but would very much love to. I just finished watching a fascinating DVD documentary by Renée Scheltema titled, “Something Unknown” which provides scientific evidence behind psychic phenomena. Pretty interesting stuff. It makes me want to learn even more about it.

    by Becky / September 8th 2010

  6. How interesting! I read every word of your article and wanted more. I’m going to check out the book you mention and the DVD mentioned above. Now I need to go find a practice partner :)

    by Betty / September 8th 2010