The Psychic Vampire Codex – review

Do you remember my rant about psychic vampirism? Well, since writing that article a lot of things have changed, and beside them, I managed to put my hands on another great book by Michelle Belanger, author of The Psychic Energy Codex. And I have to admit, Vampire Codex is truly an eye-opening book, which is also very useful for psychics and energy workers in general.


For Vampires & Others

What, or rather who psychic vampires really are? Psychic vampire Michelle Belanger answers this question in her Psychic Vampire Codex on nearly 300 pages. She deals with all misconceptions and myths about psychic vampirism phenomena. But that’s not all. Within the book, every person interested in energy work and psychic abilities will find unique guide to utilizing and using these skills.

Psychic Vampire Codex is meant for at least three types of people. First, psychic vampires themselves, especially for those who are just learning about their nature. Second type is people dealing with energy work of different sort – from psychics to magicians, who would like to learn a little bit more about using psychic energies in their lives. And finally, third type is called by me “civilians” – people who would like to learn more about real psychic vampirism, beside idiotic and false beliefs that growth to common thing in our society.

The Codex Within

Forget about everything you have learned about vampires from novels. And forget everything you have learned about them from psychic self-defense books. Forget everything you have learned about them from this website. It’s so wrong, and Michelle explains it in details. She provides you info about nature of psychic vampirism, its history, and community.

She provides freshly awaken vampires guide to their nature, explaining what they are and who they are. She helps them in their own growth and development. Finally, she provides tons of info about energy work, psychic self-defense, psychometry, past-life memories recalling, meditation, grounding and centring, psychic sensitivity, psi-balls, aura sight, and detailed guide to psychic healing. And that’s just tip of an iceberg.

The Codex is simple filled with information about practical psychic abilities.

Pros & Cons

What I really like about the Codex, is that it doesn’t force the reader to believe in anything. Like Black Vail it tells you to find your own path. With no references to spirituality and “vampiric faith”, the Codex provides you with practical information. This also makes it good book for mentioned three types of people. You can just read it without practice and belief, and it will still be a good reading.

I can’t deny I also love the DTP work – design of the cover, the paper, the fonts. Boys and girls at Weiser Books have done a great job.

I can’t find any cons beside small one – the Codex isn’t really codex-like :). First of all, it’s a little bit short, I would expect it to be at least 500 pages long, filled with even more detailed how-to information. Second of all, and I think Michelle will agree with me on this, the Codex should own hardcover. A Codex in paperback? Nah, that just ain’t right :).


If you want to learn more about real psychic vampires, or you are one, or at least you suspect you might be one; if you want to become better psychic and/or energy worker, then Psychic Vampire Codex is for you. Don’t let the name mislead you – it’s a perfect guide to psychic abilities!

Do a little shopping, while I will try to grab another Michelle’s books for review!

The Psychic Vampire Codex is available as paperback and as Kindle edition. Grab it now on today and start reading!

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