The Psychic Energy Codex – book review

Michelle Belanger is a respected author of  multiple books about paranormal and the occult. She is known of her appearance in Paranormal  State, and her organisation – House Khepperu. She’s a great person to chat with on Twitter, and her knowledge of the occult is huge. I was more than happy when she sent me her Psychic Energy Codex for review.


The Psychic Energy Codex is one of few books that even if they use the term “psychic”, in reality can be read by everyone interested in psionics – specific way to perceive psychic abilities. But terminology really doesn’t matter, what does matter is the content of the book, and the knowledge it shares. Within nearly 270 pages in paperback cover you will find a unique guide to developing psychic abilities.

Knowledge is here

The Psychic Energy Codex will teach you about many aspects of the psychic living and development – from meditation to visualisation and energy manipulation. It discusses auras, anatomy of energy, psychometry, and different aspects of psychic development – learning process, objectivity, perception etc. In short, it talks about every mandatory aspect of psychic development y0u can think of, everything that has been mentioned and discussed here, on A State of Mind.

The good stuff

And what is good about it, is the form of the “teaching”. Michelle surely got experience in writing, and she share her knowledge easily. More than that, she doesn’t force you to believe in anything, and she let you to choose your path and believes. She presents different points of view and different theories, teaching you that everyone perceive the world in different way, which is a very important element of psychic development.

An interesting element of the book is a way that Michelle merge together theory, practice and use of psychic journal. I haven’t read any book about psychic development that would use all these things in a way Michelle did in Psychic Energy Codex.

The book gives you detailed theory, detailed practical exercises and a lot of tips and advices. But…

The dark side

There are also bad sites – for example, after reading the Codex, I got that feeling of disappointment  – it’s not a miracle or even complete how-to guide. Once again it proves to me that there’s no such guide available (which gives me a chance to write it), and that you need to read many books in order to master psychic abilities.

Some people might don’t like the idea of spending many months on practising exercises from this book, but that’s the reality, that psychic development requires time. But if you will follow the book step by step, you will get results.


Michelle’s book promote rational thinking free of spiritual and New Age doctrines. The Psychic Energy Codex is a fine addition to your library. Such workbook filled with theory and exercises, written by experienced energy worker who knows the job, is a mandatory reading for everyone who want to learn how to develop psychic abilities. I can’t really think of writing anything else, but to recommending this book to everyone interested in psychic development and psionics!

The Psychic Energy Codex is available as paperback and as Kindle edition. Grab it now on today and start reading!

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