How to See Auras

So called aura view, a psychic ability to perceive auras, is a popular subject of books and articles on Web. Brought to western occultism by early twentieth century books, it is a skill desired by many, possessed by few. Is it even possible to learn how to see auras? In my opinion, based on personal experiences – yes, it’s possible. But there are things you must know about aura view before you begun learning it.


A Little Bit Of Theory

Before we proceed to more practical information, let’s answer the question first – what is an aura? Aura is a field of psychic energies that extend from few inches to about two metres from our physical body (and energy body as well). The energy projected out of our energy system is like a corona of a Sun. Each day, each minute we’re projecting these energies, while taking some new energies inside. You can call it a dynamic energy exchange.
If it’s possible to see aura, how does it look like? This is where we face the problem. Some people describe aura as thousands of particles being projected from the physical body. Others say that it’s like a field build of multiple layers, different colours each. Others say it’s like a hot air, waving above naked skin. Others say it’s just a bright white light. Where did the differences in descriptions came from?

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto

Everyone is different, and everyone perceives psychic energies in a different way. I’ve described it in one of my previous articles. Some people who are very visual can perceive aura as colourful field made of multiple layers. Others might see only particles, while others can see only a waving air. Most people can only sense auras (psychic fields around people), and finally – a lot of people can’t perceive aura at all. Personally I can only see particles projecting from objects, and waving air – I can’t see colours at all (of course, not mentioning my skills to sense fields).
This is very important element of learning aura view. You must remember that your own perception of aura fields might be completely original, unlike any other. And that’s why, if one guide to seeing auras doesn’t work, you should look for other guides and tutorials that take another point of view on the subject.

How To See Auras

The best way to learn how to see auras will be to learn it step by step. And the first step is a little bit of psychic development required. You might be interested in grabbing my ebook – Psychic Development Simplified . Within this guide, you can learn the part about meditation and energy work, and then proceed to aura view. Now you can get to some practical exercises.

An Exercise

Grab a living subject – it might be a person or a flower. Place it against a dark background – it will make perceiving auras easier. Turn of the lights, but if you want, you can light up a candle in the room. When everything is prepared, sit down and relax. Start looking – but not directly at the subject, but “behind” it – stare at the point hovering few inches from actually body of your subject. Be sure you’re trying to perceive the aura above living tissue – clothes might make aura view impossible for beginners.

Stare like this for few minutes. Within this time, you should be able to see something – whatever it will be depends on your perception. Blink freely and let your eyes rest – don’t try to force your aura view. Maybe you don’t have the necessary skills if you can’t see something, or you need some more practise. If you’re able to see colours, that’s great. If you can see particles or waving air, that’s good too. If you can’t see anything, keep practising. If you won’t be able to see anything for few weeks, perhaps you should really focus more on basics of psychic development.

And that’s basically it – perceive aura by looking for it, yet do not look at it directly, scan “around subjects”, because those are not your eyes that can see aura, it’s your mind and energy body. And be aware that sometimes you might experience aura view unintentionally from time to time. I was able to¬† see, accidentally, aura of flowers, objects and my girlfriend without any previous intend.

Being There, Done That, Now What?

How to use aura view, actually? Well, within the aura, you can see changes in emotion status – you can see if someone is happy, angry or is lying perhaps. You can detect illnesses with enough practice, and you can simple have fun with experiencing something unusual.

Can you perceive aura? If yes, then how do you perceive it? As colours, light or waving air perhaps? Share your thoughts in comments to this post.

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  1. i see it in all the form listed,the colurs the particle and some sort of smoke looking radiation,first the leaf was green then it turned white.

    by ashawni / April 22nd 2011

  2. @ASHWANI: How quickly did it turn, how powerful are you, and how hard were you focusing?

    by Valridagan / April 24th 2011