What does it mean to be a psychic

There are some common misconceptions regarding the fact of being a psychic. I use to call myself a psychic from time to time, but as with many others like me, this word isn’t really the one that should be used in our case. Keep reading and learn what does it mean to be a psychic, really.


I’m a psychic – I already know I don’t like you…

No love

First of all, I’m tired of people thinking that if I’m a psychic, I need to love everyone and everything. Really, I can name dozens of people I’d like to break a bone or two. As Michelle Belanger said to me once on Twitter, this whole love thing has been created by New Agers who have a misleading understanding of what psychic abilities are.

The reality is simple – you don’t need to be a nice person in order to develop psychic abilities – my ebook does teach psychic development without digging into anything spiritual. Michelle’s books do the same.

No religion

Another common misconception, in some way also created by New Age philosophy, is the believe that psychics have their own, specific religion. This isn’t true either. I believe in things I want to believe in, not something others tell me to believe. There’s no universal faith or beliefs for psychics, and if you want to learn psychic abilities, you don’t need to change your faith.

Psychics can be found in many areas of the world. They believe in God, Allah, Hindu gods, universal power, Gaia etc. Or they don’t believe in anything, they just act on their own psychic abilities. So don’t be mislead, being a psychic doesn’t mean the person got some weird religion.

It’s a skill, not a gift

I’m often approach by people who want to learn something more about me as psychic – they say “I’d like to have such gift” or “it’s a great gift you have, you know?” – no, I don’t know ;). I do not perceive psychic abilities as gift. For me, psychic abilities are pure skills everyone can develop to certain level – if I wouldn’t believe so, I wouldn’t write my ebook that teaches how to develop skills, not gift.

Do not perceive psychic abilities as gift, but as a skill everyone can learn with a little bit of effort.

Knowing things

Often, people think that a psychic can literally see things others can’t, hear voice in head, read minds, and move things with telekinesis. Well – yes, to some degree. Because not every psychic is hearing voices, as I explained long time ago in another article, people are once again mislead in their perception of psychics.

In most cases, being a psychic means that you can perceive more than other people – sense emotions and other people, even other entities, “feel” thoughts, know things before they happen etc. Bending spoons is more like side-effect in my opinion and it has no real application in daily life.

Extra-Sensory Perception is what psychic abilities are based on. Don’t except the psychic to be 100% accurate or to open the door with telekinesis, OK? :)

What other common misconception about being a psychic did you heard?

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