7 myths about psychic development

Many people are afraid of beginning development of their psychic abilities because they believe in many urban legends and myths regarding psychic development – and there are many myths about these skills, really. To help you out, I decided to explain 10 popular myths about psychic development.


1. Only people with the “gift” can learn psychic abilities.

This is the most common myth about psychic development. Many people think that only those with the gift, in-born abilities can develop psychic abilities – this is definitely not true. Everyone have energy system, and everyone can manipulate psychic energies, therefore everyone can practise psychic development and learn the skills, at least the basic level – yet the more you practise, the faster you will develop.

2. Psychic abilities can be learned from free resources only

Often people just don’t want to pay for books, ebooks and courses that teaches psychic development – successful psychic development based on free resources only is another myth. The reality is brutal, you need to invest some money into psychic development books, ebooks such as Librarian’s Guide to Psychic Development or online psychic courses and guides which I have mentioned in earlier article.

Why such resources can give you more than those online sources of knowledge? Because still, free resources do not discuss many important elements of psychic development, therefore no one really wants to share them for free – as hidden knowledge, you need to pay – but this turns to be good move, as paid resources really share important and useful knowledge.

3. Psychic abilities can be learned fast

[adsensebox] Another myth that makes people think they can develop psychic abilities within weeks. Sure, you can begin to sense psychic energies after few weeks of training, you can even learn basic energy manipulation within few minutes of practising New Energy Ways (that I described in my ebook), yet learning psychic abililities for real is a matter of minimum 5 to 7 months.

4. You need to change your faith and beliefs to develop psychic abilities

Just like everyone can learn how to program in PHP, everyone can learn how to give psychic reading – there’s no need to change faith, religion and beliefs in order to become  a psychic. If you want, you can be as good Christian psychic, as good new-age psychic. Because psychic abilities are skills based on our human nature, and not some gift from the only God.

5. You can’t develop psychic abilities without practise partner

Half-myth, and half-truth. In order to learn some specific psychic skills, you need to have practise partner – such skills like telepathy, energy pulsing, psychic readings, psychometry etc. do recquire other person for psychic training. But energy sensing, or even psychometry can be learned with cold practise when only your mind is required. Energy manipulation in general can be learned alone too.

6. Psychic abilities are like those from X-Man movies

Or comics, whichever you prefer. Many people belive that once they develop psychic abilities, they will be reading minds, throwing people onto walls with telekinesis, or passing through solid walls. That ain’t gonna happen. Psychic abililities are no superpowers, in reality they’re not even super – they about different perception of the world around us and they do not involve any poweruful superhero powers.

7. If you practise psychic abililities, you will be taken prisoner by government

Believe it or not, but many people are under influence of some urban legends that says many psychic practitioners had been kidnapped by governments, experimented upon and then killed. If that would be truth, why so many psychics would be making career in TV shows, newspapers, radio or as popular book authors, hmm? Honestly, there’s really no proofs nor even dead bodies to support this myth. Don’t hesitate to practise psychic development, government won’t kill you.

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  1. I’ve heard it said that experimenting with energy, alternitive mind sets (such as deep meditation or trance) or in any way practicing psychic awareness would make a person more suseptable to the darker side of things (demonic posession, negs, being mentally influenced by the unseen, psychic attack,) and such of that sort.
    In your opinion and experience, is this more of a myth or a warning?

    by Danielle / July 18th 2010