Psychic Shielding – How to go from Novice to Master

There are all sorts of sayings: “harm non least ye be harmed”, “be warned of false doctrine”… there are warning labels and warning signs for everything we do in this modern day society. Unfortunately, most of it is “fear speech” and consequently invalid rubbish!


“No chains shale hold me, no will shale bind, unless they be my own, I am Master

“Fear Speech” no matter how ingrained into any culture or group, (or ‘way’ of doing things) is simply a form of unnecessary restraint. It can be identified by its’ tone of threat and its’ promise of “unknown” consequence. Transcend these barriers and doubts and become your own psychic guide. If you wish to know what you “can do”, you cannot let fear define any part of who you are. For anyone who has already learned this lesson you know how hard it can be to let go of all your insecurities but you also know how clear and unafraid you become once you have finally given yourself permission to truly see things for how they are without the fear clouding your vision.

“Fear will not protect you it only serves to blind you from seeing truth.”

Learning to Trust Your True Self

“Who are you? Deep down, are their parts of you, which even you don’t understand? How do you know who you really are?”

Affirm yourself in what you know right now. Let right now be who you are. “Right now I am the observer.” “Right now I am the teacher” It is easy to say “I don’t know” when you become distracted with what everybody else “knows.” “Trust in an expert.” “Expert” is just a title it is not a fact, no one is ever the “ultimate example” or “authority” on any matter. If that were the case all of our problems would be “solved,” and we could all retire and stop trying now.

How does this make me a better psychic?

To be psychic you must “know” who you are. How do you expect to help others unless you are first willing to help yourself? We learn through shared experiences, but we must first be open to those experiences, else we learn nothing. Instead, we discover our doubts and realize our fears. How many times have you had an experience and then doubted it? “How do you know if what you think is real or is just a fluke?” Fear and self-doubt are dangerous tools that can often be “misused” by a psychic on him or herself.

If you want to be “Resistant to Psychic Attack,” you must first be “affirmed” in your belief in yourself. You must be self-assured. Commit to your convictions. There is no more “I think I am” or “I think I can,” there is only I am, I can, this is what I see, this is what I feel, this is how I know.

There is no such thing as a passive Psychic. All Psychics are curious little creatures. It is in our nature, a corner stone of who we are. It makes us happy. J “So there!”

Protecting Yourself from Psychic Attack

“Be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; now you put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; now you put water in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow. Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” Bruce Lee

Developing “True Sight”

“True Sight” is simply the ability to see through all situations. It is a side effect of being a fluid part of the environment around us. When you are fluid and unguarded, you can see and react to situations in “real time”. This means there is no “down time” trying to figure out what is happening. There is no loss of time between observation and action.

~Observation and Interaction: Observe what is going on around you, what “feelings” are permeating the air. Affirm your “Identity” onto the environment that surrounds you. Impose who you are and how you want to “feel” onto the world around you. When you know what you are “projecting” it becomes much easier to tell what is being “projected” onto you. (Use this trick often as it will help you develop your psychic abilities all around.)

There will always be times when we as individuals fail at being a fluid part of our environments. Some things in life can just be hard not to take personally. Fortunately, all forms of Telepathic and Psychic attacks are ‘thought’ based. This makes them easier to remain “neutral” to.

Being neutral to psychic attack is the key here. [I was once asked “why I did not react to all the negative stuff people where saying about me during work” my response was “good or bad at least there talking about me, besides if they really knew me they might not have anything left to say”.]

Psychic energy is an interesting thing because if you do not attach yourself to the energy being presented it simply moves on to some other place where it can attach itself.

In theory, we always have control over the energies that follow us around. In practice, the problem can become a little more perplexing.

How Real Psychic Attacks work

It is very important to understand how your “beliefs” affect your “abilities” to protect yourself; here’s why.
Let’s say I believe in the Devil? (who doesn’t right?) Here’s the problem, my belief in a thing can and does intensify my connection to it. In many cases, this belief in something can actually create a place for my energy to go. Therefore, because I “know” that there is a “Devil” I am actually “feeding” my “vision” of what a devil should be with my energy! (I am actually feeding my fears my energy!) Does this sound like a “healthy” investment? Unless it serves a practical purpose do not decide to just “believe” in something. Fear is just as easy to invest your psychic energy into as love. Only one out of the two will get you what you want. Don’t invest yourself where you do not wish to find yourself. Remember your Beliefs are You! They identify you just as easily as they define you. If I were to look for you on the astral plane, I would have a much easier time identifying you by your beliefs then I would by your name. On the astral plane names are not as important as one might think. In fact, a name is as easy to shed as a piece of clothing.

Once I know your beliefs, I know where I can attack that will affect you the most. This is how psychic attacks really work. There are all kinds of energies out there that feed on negativity and fear. This is simply because so many people have spent so much time in a state of “fear”. They have created a “place of fear” on the astral plane, where their fears can grow and be shared with others who have the same fears.

Your Psychic Shield

You psychic shield is your “personal bubble”. If something would offend you in person, there is no reason why it should not offend you if it were psychically broadcast. Pay attention to how you feel around cretin people, if someone gives you the creeps maybe it is because they are tainting your “space” with their thoughts. Your personal shield should do more than protect you. It should tell you whether you would get along with someone or not. As well as how close you are willing to let that outsider in before it becomes uncomfortable. Trusting yourself is a huge part of being psychic.

Psychic Defense Break Down

There is so much more that could be said. However, I will conclude by saying that your ability to shield from psychic attack is only as good as your beliefs in what you are shielding yourself from.

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