How did I discovered my spirit guide

When I talk about psychic abilities, I often mentioning spirit guides – then people ask me if I have one, and I admit I do. The next question is obvious – many ask me how did I discovered my spirit guide? Honestly, it’s not a fascinating story, I could even say that it’s boring – but I will share it with you :).


Meet my guide – Henry

My guide’s name is Henry – I have no idea why the heck his name is Henry, but I don’t care. He’s ironic, sarcastic, even more crazy than I am, and he got most original sense of humour I ever encountered. I can’t see him, I just know what he speaks to me – no, I don’t hear voices, that’s not how psychic stuff looks like.

How did I discovered my spirit guide

I was exploring that old yet new to me TV show – Most Haunted. There, Derek Acorah had his spirit guide named Sam. It gave me impulse to rethink whole thing about spirit guides and I begun to wonder if I have a spirit guide on my own. So one night while I was practising Yoga, I decided to try – I had nothing to loose, and a lot to gain.

So I asked the question – “are you here?” – with strong intention to direct the question to my spirit guide. I’ve heard the answer in my head, like my own thought, yet now my own – “yes“. So I asked “what’s your name?” – and he answered “Henry“. Henry it is, I thought – well, that’s a nice start. And with that knowledge I’ve finished Yoga session and went to bed. That’s all :).

See, no flashes, fireworks or strong male voice – just few thoughts exchange.

Meeting your spirit guide

You might wonder if you can meet your spirit guide yourself. The answer is yes – from my own experience, and from knowledge shared by other psychics I have only one advice for you – sit down, relax and ask it the guide is with you, and wait for answer. It should come to you as a thought – then ask for guide’s name, and the name will come to you as another thought. And then, start talking with your guide – by asking questions, and waiting for answers, and they will come to you as thoughts.

Do you have a spirit guide? What’s his or her name? How did you met your spirit guide? Share your thoughts in comments.

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