How to organise a psychic class

Learning psychic abilities is easier if you can discuss psychic development process face to face with others – organising a psychic class to teach how to learn psychic powers is always a nice idea, and you don’t have be to advanced psychic to teach – you can create a class for people who would just like to share their thoughts with each other.


If you’re an more advanced psychic practitioner, why not sharing your knowledge with others in offline way and promote psychic development in your nearest area? Maybe it will lead to creation of an offline psychic club? And if you’re just a beginner, you can create a group of practitioners, within which each one of you will be a beginner, and you will be learning from each other using all available sources of knowledge.

There are many possibilities to find such sources for psychic development, starting from psychic courses, to books about learning psychic abilities, to A State of Mind and other online websites. If you already have knowledge regarding psychic development, it’s time to teach it by organising the psychic class. Here’s how you can do it.

How to organise a psychic class

You can organise your own psychic class in few steps. All you need to have is a little bit of money to invest in advertisement and a little bit of free time.

  • Create a training program – first you need to create a training program – you must know what you’re going to learn, and how are you going to create a schedule for whole development program. I  suggest getting my ebook and follow it when it comes to basic psychic development. Write everything down and change into day-by-day (or meeting-by-meeting) schedule.
  • Find a location – you need a place where your class members will meet. It might be your home or rented space of some sort. You need it first, because next you’re going to put the address on advertisement posters and leaflets. Make sure the location is prepared for your class – it has enough chairs, maybe a board to write on, and enough number of books maybe if you will use them for your training purposes.
  • Advertise – Now that you have the program and location for class, you have to advertise it. You might want to create posters and leaflets, and distribute them around the town – it’s a good start. You might also want to advertise the class on the Web, in local newspaper or among friends.
  • Manage members – when first people will contact you about the psychic class, you have to manage them somehow. Office software such as Access, Excel or some online contact managers should be enough – make sure you get all information necessary from each member – name, address maybe, contact information etc. If you take money for your classes, this should be managed too. You might want to look around the Google and find proper members management system.
  • Organise first meeting – when you’re done with advertisement, just set the date of first meeting and start your class. Et voila!

Additional tips

I just want to provide you with additional tips regarding psychic classes.

  • Be regular – organise meetings and classes on regular basis, the best choice would be the same day each week, the same time, and the same place.
  • Stick to schedule – make sure your members know the schedule, and stick to it.
  • Not too long – each meeting should take no longer than an hour – in case of psychic development, longer periods might cause people to get bored.
  • Beware of sect-approach – there is a teacher, and there are students, but there is no guru or master that rules the students. Before of sect-approach, please :).

Now go and organise your first psychic class – it might become a great adventure for you and others in your area.

Are there any psychic classes near you? Have you ever participated in such class? What are your thoughts about it?

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