5 places where you can practise your psychic abilities

Some psychic practitioners think that you can develop psychic abilities only while staying at home. This isn’t true, more than that – the reality is that psychic abilities should be practised outside more often, because that’s why you learn psychic abilities – to use them daily and make sure they will be practical.


There are many places where you can practise psychic abilities and improve them. Here are few such places.

1. Museum

Inside a museum, you can practise very useful psychic ability – psychometry, an ability to acquire information via psychic means from physical objects and places. Personally I cannot imagine a better place for practical psychometry than museum. You just go there and start scan objects, link to them and perceive information via psychic means. You don’t have to touch anything, all you have to do is to stand there and use proper techniques.

2. Public Transport

Sitting down in public transport vehicle gives you an opportunity to be among people and scan them – by this you learn about different psychic signatures, you can even pick up empathic and telepathic impressions.

3. Queue in shop

Another place where you can practise some extra-sensory perception is queue. While standing in queue, you have a plenty of time and opportunities to pick up different information via psychic means. Why not using the opportunity to develop psychic abilities a little more? Try to persuade someone in front of you to turn around by sending telepathic pulses to him :).

4. Mall

I often go to mall to practise simple abilities like psychic scanning and both passive and active psychic energy sensing. I sit there for an hour or so, looking at people, scanning them, searching for energy sources. Mall is an interesting place because it’s where hundreds if not thousands of people walk every hour, giving you a perfect opportunity to learn how to recognise different psychic signatures.

5. Forest

What really matters for psychics is not just the psychic energies of other people, but also these energies that flows in nature – in places like forest, ocean shore etc. Personally I enjoy forest area, because it provides me with specific psychic impressions I like. Pay a visit to nearest forest, sit down and open yourself for psychic energies that are present there.

Those are only 5 places as examples – but you might already understand that in reality, you can practise psychic abilities everywhere, in school and on the street. You can sit down in park and try to talk with the trees, stand in a queue and try to move things with telekinesis. There are countless possibilities, really!

Do you know any other places where you can develop psychic abilities?

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