How to find time to practise psychic development

Developing psychic abilities – energy manipulation, meditation, doing readings, making psiballs, reading and learning theory, all of this and more takes a lot of time, which most probably you don’t have – yet :). In order to develop psychic abilities you have to find time, and this post is meant to show you how can you find additional time for psychic development.


Stick to the following rules and you will organise yourself a lot of time to practise :).

  • Reduce your commitments – a friend asked you to do something, member of the family asked as well, you have a lot of things to do which you agreed to do only because you wanted to be polite. Reduce your commitments, go and say “no, I can’t do this because…” and say the truth, that you have no time :).
  • Learn to say no – you have reduced your commitments, it’s time to learn how not to create new one.
  • Watch less TV – TV turns your brain into a liquid :). Instead of spending few hours in front of TV you could read a nice book about psychic development, mediate or practise some psychic techniques.
  • Eliminate social networking – reduce the time you spend on Twitter, Facebook and on other social media, and use this new fresh time to practise psychic development. Do not eliminate it totally, just limit it to the essential.
  • Use Internet less – generally you should use Internet less. Keep reading A State of Mind and use Google, but don’t stare like crazy kid into the monitor, please :).
  • Simplify – simplify your life, do more by doing less. Read Zen Habits to understand what I have on mind.
  • Outsource – instead of doing everything on your own outsource as much as you can. Instead of using Office, go to Google docs – they will take care of security copies for your docs. Look around and you will see a lot of webapp to outsource and simplify your life – and give you more free time to practise psychic abilities.
  • Find someone to practise with – there’s no better motivation than a practise partner so look around for such person. Along with him or her you will have to schedule your training sessions :).
  • Stop complaining you see no results – people waste hours of their time to complain that they see no results of their psychic development. Therefore, stop complaining and just practise, practise, practise.
  • Read less, practise more – don’t just stick with books or websites about the psychic development, don’t forget that learning psychic powers is about practising them and not just reading about them.
  • Create a schedule – create your own schedule for psychic training and stick with it. Adjust other less important activities to it so it will be more important than watching TV.

Do you stick to the rules above? What other tips do you have for finding time to develop psychic abilities?

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