How to learn psychic energy pulsing

One of the nicest things in psychic development is the fact you can learn psychic abilities with other person. If you have a practise partner already, there’s a simple and fun way to learn energy pulsing and sensing. Energy sensing is one of the most basic psychic abilities every psychic practitioner should learn.


There are many ways to learn how to sense the energy. For example you can use crystals to learn how to sense psychic energies, or you can get together with practise partner and test the following exercise.

How to learn energy pulsing

Here’s the step by step tutorial for energy pulsing exercise.

  • Sit down and relax – sit down facing your partner and relax. One of you will be sending pulses, and the other one will be sensing these psychic energy pulses so choose the person who will pulse first. Then you will change your roles :). Place one of your hands facing each other with palms, leaving an inch of free space between palms. Personally I use my left hand to pulse and sense because it’s more sensitive to psychic energies.
  • Centre – now that you sit and your hands are ready, both of you have to centre – close your eyes and focus on the middle of your head, perceiving the darkness in front of you. Clear your mind of all thoughts and just focus.
  • Pulse the energy – now the person that pulse first have to use favourite energy manipulation technique to move the energy collected from entire body (or just Lower Tan T’ien if you use the New Energy Ways system) and move it into the hand – gather the energy in your hand for few seconds, then push it outside, directing it towards hand of your partner.
  • Sense the energy – if you’re the person that sense the energy, while centred you have to pay attention to all weird or “different than normal” physical feelings you get in your hand. Personally when the energy is directed towards my hand, I sense it like something pushing my hand, and like electric impulse moving through it. When you sense the psychic energy, say it aloud so your partner you confirm or deny the pulse.

And that’s basically it. Pulser is continuing to make pulses, while senser is sensing them. If the pulse took place and senser said it aloud that he felt something, pulser should confirm or deny the fact of pulse.

Additional tips

Few tips for this exercise:

  • If you can’t sense anything just keep sensing – don’t say you can’t feel anything, just stay centred and pay attention. If you believe you sense something, say it aloud. If the pulser confirms the pulse, you will know that this feeling was correct and it will teach you what to look for next time.
  • If you make pulses, make sure they’re irregular – this way person sensing them won’t have the advantage of regular pulses and he will have to pay greater attention to feelings. By this, the exercise will be more accurate and educational.

Pulsing is a fun way to learn both psychic energy sensing and sending and it’s another step to master your energy manipulation skills. And as you can see, the exercise above is very simple to perform and should give you no problems.

Have you ever tried such exercise? Or maybe you know other ways to learn both energy sending and receiving?

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