How to learn psychic abilities with vocabulary cards

Many psychic practitioners who try to learn psychic abilities face problem of memorising psychic techniques. Many of the articles that I wrote for psychic tutorials section is a how-to guide for using specific psychic abilities techniques step by step. These techniques help you use psychic skills easier, so you should learn them – and this post will tell you how.


The technique I use is called “habit cards” and it’s based on classic vocabulary cards – those are small cards about 4×6 cm made of paper. On each of these card I’m writing down a technique I want to learn and memorise, and then I’m just reading and memorising these cards each day. I came up with this technique because of two reasons.

  • First, I needed a fast, active method of repeating psychic techniques. Loose cards were the perfect choice, they were small and fast, and active as well – it means I needed to add some physical activity to learning process, shuffling cards is definitely an active form of physical activity, increasing your focus and learning capabilities.
  • Secondly, I found out that using such loose cards is very effective for memorising things, It’s a common technique used for learning new vocabulary in foreign languages.

With physical activity increasing my focus on the task (which is the fact of memorising techniques), I quickly notice that I have no more problems remembering all the techniques, step by step.

How to learn psychic abilities with habit cards

You will need some paper, pencil and free time.

  • Take a piece of paper, about 4×6 cm – it might be notebook paper or cardboard, whatever works better for you. Cardboard will survive longer but it’s more expensive.
  • Write down the technique in few steps on the piece – whenever you stumble over new psychic technique, read it carefully and re-write it into few short and simple steps. Write these steps on the card.
  • Collect all the cards and add them to your psychic schedule – by collecting the cards I mean putting them together somewhere. For example I keep them in my psychic journal so they’re always with me. By adding them to training schedule I mean that each day you should spend few minutes going through these cards, repeating techniques and memorising them.

After few weeks of memorising psychic techniques with the cards, test yourself. Make a list of all the techniques you were learning using names only. With finished list, hide the cards and look at the first technique name – recall it step by step. If you have no problem with that one, mark it as memorised and move to next technique, and so on. If you still can’t remember the technique step by step, keep using the card for this technique for few more weeks.

And that’s it – with these cards you can memorise techniques for different psychic abilities step by step, and when you’ll need to use specific psychic skill, you will do this automatically. It’s that simple.

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