3 steps to ground yourself

In the last article of psychic self-defence series I mentioned the term ‘grounding’. Grounding is what it sounds to be – it’s about releasing energy from your energy system to other object – this object can be a wall, ground, water. Just like electricity is being grounded, the same thing works for psychic energies. And it’s mandatory to learn how to use that skill.


Every psychic and energy worker might face the problem of overload, when the amount of energy flowing within ones energy system exceed the amount the energy body can handle. Therefore, grounding is used to release the energy and lower its levels in ones body. But grounding can be used also to get rid of negative energies, in order to make space for drawing positive energies – it’s like cleansing your own energy system of negativity.

Those two uses for grounding are the most popular, but I’m sure you can find other ways to use the ability of grounding. But how to actually ground yourself? It’s easier than you might think.

How to ground yourself

If you’re a skilled energy worker, meaning you were successful in making a psiball, then you can ground yourself with no problems. And you can do this in few simple steps.

  1. Centre – as always, centre your mind. Focus on perceiving the darkness within your closed eyes. Focus on this darkness, and think of the small point in the middle of your head. That’s centring, and that’s focus.
  2. Shift awareness to your feet – when standing or sitting, your feet should be touching the ground, either floor of the room, or grass in open space etc. You should already know what shifting awareness is, but if you don’t, then all you have to do is to focus completely on your physical feet. Feel their shape, size and pressure of the body pushing them to the ground.
  3. Manipulate energy to get down – some people use visualisation to visualise roots going out from feet deeply into the ground and use visualisation again to visualise energy moving from the body into the ground through these roots. I prefer using New Energy Ways and tactile sensations to move the energy from my whole body into the ground. Whether works for you better, choose it.

And that’s all – this is how grounding looks like and that’s how you can get rid of unwanted psychic energies within your energy system. As you can see, it’s very simple skill. With time and practise you might learn how to release the energy into air, water and other objects like walls, pipes, even books. For now, just focus on learning the basic technique as described above.

Do you ground often? Have you ever experience an overload and found that grounding was a bliss? Share your stories!

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