What can you learn about psychic development from school classes

The biggest problem newbies encounter when it comes to learning psychic abilities is how to stick with practise schedule. There’s so much to learn – energy work, meditation, chakra opening, psychic abilities techniques. Learning all of this at the same time is nearly impossible if you’re attending to school or working. But there’s a way out of it.


The way to learn everything without going insane is simple – use what school taught you. I mean, no math or English, but classes schedule. You don’t have all your classes at the same day, each day, right? Some classes are scheduled for Monday, other for Wednesday, and other for Friday. And that’s exactly what you should do as well – organize your practise schedule like school classes. In other words, remember the rule – one thing at the time.

My own schedule

To give you a live example, here’s how I divided my schedule.

  • Each day I’m drawing energy using New Energy Ways. It’s the basic practise that help me keep my energy level high enough.
  • Each day as well I’m working on single chakra. In April, I’m working on my solar plexus energy centre, and I’m stimulating it day by day.
  • Monday – I’m creating few psiballs, just for fun.
  • Tuesday – I’m experimenting with energy sensing with crystals and with energy sending and receiving.
  • Wednesday – I’m practising psychometry and remote viewing.
  • Thursday – I take a break, since I’m whole day on University.
  • Friday – in the evening, I’m practising psychic readings and psychometry. I’m also meditating.
  • Saturday – along with my girlfriend, we’re practising everything that pop into our heads, just for fun ;).
  • Sunday – I’m meditating as well, and I’m practising aura view.

This way I can keep up with practising everything I’m interested in.

How to create your own schedule

[adsensebox]¬†You can do the same thing I did, create your own schedule which will help you greatly in practising your psychic abilities. Here’s how can you do it:

  • Figure out how much time you have each day – is it one hour, or two hours, or less? Or maybe there are days when you can’t practise at all, such as Thursday I put as example? Write down how much time each day you have free.
  • Figure out what you want to practise – if you have so many skills just as I have, you have to wisely divide them for each day. Some exercises require more time than others, keep this in mind and assign two small exercises for one day, while assigning one long exercise for another day. Write your exercises down.
  • Make a table – create a table with 8 columns, 7 of them will mark days from Sunday to Saturday, and the 8th column will be used to write down all exercises that need to be performed each day.
  • Fill the row – now within each row, you have 8 boxes in which you can write down what exercises you’re going to practise. Write them down under each day, depending on length of free time you have and length of exercises, and you’re done!

Congratulations, you’ve just created practise schedule! When your life will change, and you won’t be able to stick with the schedule, just mark it somehow (for example with simple X) and create another row for your new practise week. With time, such schedule might become useful research material :).

Do you have such practise schedule on your own? How do you stick with it? Share your thoughts in comments!

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