How to use crystals in learning energy sensing

One of the most popular psychic abilities to learn and even develop automatically is clairsentience. It is an ability to sense psychic energies and it can be divided into passive and active sensing. Passive sensing will develop on it’s own and you will be able to sense things nearly automatically. Active sensing requires conscious development of that ability and this tutorial will cover the use of crystals in learning active energy sensing.


Popular in psychic work for thousand of years throughout whole world, crystals such as quartz or amethyst are somehow connected with psychic energies, however no one really knows how. Some people say about sacred geometry and molecular structure, but we’re far from proving that point of view. However, what we know based on experience of energy workers, crystals seem to generate, acquire and transform, finally radiate psychic energies. We can use this knowledge to learn how to sense these energies if we don’t have a practise partner to work with.

How to use crystals in learning energy sensing

The following four steps will teach you how to practise “cold psychic energy sensing” using crystals and minerals.

  1. Prepare crystals – first you need some crystals, from 3 to 5. Use different crystals, for beginners I suggest using amethyst, quartz and mahogany obsidian. If you don’t have any crystals, look around, you might find a store for mineral collectors or you can try both Amazon and eBuy. When you have crystals, place them on the table in front of you, keep about 5 inches of space between crystals so they won’t interfere with each other.
  2. Warm up your hand – now you have to use New Energy Ways to warm up your hand. Imagine (using tactile visualization, meaning – feel physical sensations) the energy spinning in your hand, like a vortex. Do this for about 15 seconds or even few minutes if you’re a beginner in energy work. Your hand should be warmed up by now.
  3. Start sensing by moving your hand above crystals – hover your hand above first crystal, close your eyes and pay attention to all sensations. If you don’t feel anything, spin the energy like in previous step again for few seconds and again, focus and pay attention. What do you feel? Heat, cold, tingling, pressure, anything physical?
  4. Move forward – focus on single crystal for a minute or so, then move to another crystal and again pay attention to all your physical sensations. Then move to another crystal, and start over from the beginning. Each time focus for a minute and pay attention to physical feelings.

This way you will learn how different crystals radiate with psychic energies and it will be a good start in developing your sensitivity to psychic energies. Experiment with different crystals, notice the feelings, notice the differences between them. At first you might not be able to sense much, but with time you will learn what to look for when it comes to psychic sensing, so be patient.

Why should I use this technique

You might ask why should you practise energy sensing with crystals. There are few reasons for that.

  • You might not have practise partner – and without someone to send you the energy, you might have troubles finding places with proper psychic radiation.
  • You will not always encounter living energy – static matter such as stone, plastic, crystals, all of them store and radiate psychic energies. In your life you will encounter different sources of energies, it’s good to learn how to sense them.
  • You can practise energy sensing 24/7 – you can carry few crystals with you and practise sensing all over the time no matter where you are.
  • It’s not just about crystals – finally, the technique described above can be used everywhere, no matter if you’re dealing with crystals or static matter at all. You can practise sensing everything from books to people with the technique described.

As you see, there’s always a reason to learn something new :).

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