Types of psychic attacks & defence against them

Psychic Self-Defence series continue. We already discussed dealing with core images, setting up the psychic shield and creating wards. But some of you might still wonder what is it to defend against? In reality, for energy workers there’s a lot of potential danger we must deal with.


The world isn’t perfect and there’s a lot of danger awaiting for energy workers and psychics, dangers like other people, natural high concentration of energies, or haunted places. Here are types of common dangers you might face during your life as psychic.


As you should already know, energy system is directly connected to nervous system. By overloading energy system, physical nervous system can be attacked as well, causing real physical damages. But those are only the strongest types of overload, most of them will just overload the system for few hours, by putting a way too much energy than the system can handle. The best way to defend against overload attack will be to set up a mirror or absorbing shield and reflect or absorb all the energy that is being moved towards you. Also, you should ground yourself – grounding is another psychic technique and it will be discussed in few days from now, be sure to get new posts to your RSS or email and don’t miss the article.

This type of attack can be initiated by:

  • Other energy workers – whether they’re psychics, mages or witches. Not every practitioner of occult and new age art have positive intentions.
  • Astral entities – like spirits, astral critters or even demons, this subject will be discussed few paragraphs lower.
  • Geographical location itself – high concentration of psychic energies can be found in different areas of the world, when unshielded they might cause you overload.


This type of psychic attack is related to psychic vampirism, yet it can be used by anyone who knows few things about energy work. This attack is simple, a person just draws the energy directly from your energy system making it weaker, and by this weakening your physical body too. Defence against this kind of attack will be once again mirror shield, because in order to draw energy, one must first establish a link. At least in theory ;). But the best known way against drain is living the area where you’re being attacked, as in most cases your attacker won’t follow due to the fact he don’t really know what he’s doing :). Or you can try creating a shield that will keep all your energy inside it – this way you won’t easily allow it to be sucked out.

Haunted places

Have you ever been in haunted? In my life, I visited few haunted locations, that’s why I’m including them as potential danger in this article. Different entities might be operating in haunted place, from earthbound spirits to astral critters, to demons, and all of them are dangerous for energy workers because they can initiate all kinds of previously mentioned psychic attacks. Entities can initiate different types of attack, from overload and drain (you should shield against these attacks), to causing hallucination or embedding fear inside your mind. In order to defend against last types of psychic attacks, use methods from my articles about dealing with haunting (here’s part two). Sometimes entities from haunted location can follow you back to your home. Therefore, do not play around haunted places if you’re unprepared for the consequences.

Because I believe you won’t dig into occult and demonology, I have described only two most popular types of psychic attacks you might encounter in your life but known this is just tip of the iceberg and the subject is wider than you might think. It will be discussed in my ebook The Librarian Guide to Psionics. Just remember – those above are potential dangers, being an energy worker doesn’t mean you will find yourself in danger like one of the mentioned.

Do you have anything to add? Do you know other types of attacks or methods of defence? Have you ever came under psychic attack?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Something I’d like to add: Psychic vampirism can occur subconsciously, e.g. people sometimes have no idea they are doing it. They may not even be energy workers or identify as vampries at all. Just (mostly) regular people can do this, depending on their personality.

    One thing I’ve always wondered:

    Can ‘mundanes,’ i.e. people who aren’t sensitive or energy workers of any sort, be affected/ are affected less by psychic attacks? And conversely, are people who are already more sensitive and are tuned into higher frequencies more susceptible to attack?

    by MikeMachina / April 9th 2010

  2. @ Vampires – yep, some attacks can occur subconsciously.

    @ Mundanes – because we all operate on psionic energies (Prana, Chi, as taught are mandatory for life), then you don’t need to be energy worker nor sensitive to get affected by psychic attack. We all have energy system, psychics just know how to use it :).

    by Nathan / April 9th 2010

  3. So it’s possible, say I’m going through one of my skeptical phases, and don’t believe in the existence of the energy body (it happens, I fluctuate lately, it’s frustrating I know), I can still suffer effects from improper functioning of the energy body?

    by MikeMachina / April 9th 2010

  4. Yep :).

    by Nathan / April 9th 2010

  5. I’m not sure… when some friends and I were stuck in a room with an unfriendly entity trying to get in, it didn’t bother her mother – a nonbeliever/unsensitive – in another room. Mabye sensitives look more tasty?

    by sortofpsychic / April 14th 2010

  6. An entity feed on psychic energies, therefore first target will be always a sensitive person who store more energies and possibly posses knowledge that could cause harm to the entity (like knowing how to send the entity away).

    But if there is no such “storage” anywhere near, nonsensitive people will become a target, too.

    by Nathan / April 15th 2010