5 reasons why meditation doesn’t suck

Meditation is a form of “activity” that scares almost everyone who start thinking about psychic development. But in reality, meditation doesn’t suck as some people use to say. It can be quite fascinating and even somehow fun and there are few reasons for this.


Meditation has been discussed in many posts here on ASoM as a vital element of psychic development and every person interested in developing psychic abilities must learn how to meditate. It’s the very first step in psychic development. I do remember that for first two years of my own psychic development I wasn’t meditating and I regret. Why have I refused to meditate? There was a simple reason, it was boring. But with time, I’ve discovered a great pleasure in none-thinking. If you don’t know how to meditate yet, go and read Sean’s article about the simplicity of meditation. Anyway, no matter what system of meditation you prefer, here are 5 reasons why meditation doesn’t suck.

  1. Being like master Yoda – have you seen Star Wars? Then I’m sure you remember master Yoda sitting in the Jedi Temple and giving advices to other characters. It’s also common in Star Wars novels, and this is just cool. Pay attention to the calm and peace master Yoda represent and know you can do the same – sit and meditate, and when someone asks, give great advices.
  2. Being like a monk – master Yoda is like a Zen or Taoist monk, he just sits there and meditate. If you don’t know Star Wars, then imagine how great it would be to be like this monk, with calmed mind awaiting the unknown and living in the present.
  3. The way people look at you – most people today have problem with sitting still for more than 5 seconds. Have you ever paid attention to the way they look at you when you mediate? Some my admire you for being capable of such patience, some might look with envy in their eyes. Both are great motivators for you!
  4. It’s useful – meditation calms your mind down and it’s the thing you can be sure of. While meditating, you can deal with your emotional and mental problems, lower stress level, and you can also develop your ability to focus and it also develops your patience. It’s surely useful for many different areas of your life, from family relations to business to psychic and spiritual development.
  5. It’s not that hard – in reality, meditation is all about holding still and breathing. Most people are scared because it’s boring, but the true is with time you can learn patience and discover the greatest form of rest for your own mind. And really, what’s so hard in sitting and breathing? We all this all the time :P.

Don’t worry about anything and just start meditating – for few minutes first, then for 15 minutes few times a week, perhaps one day you will be able to meditate an hour or so every day? Anyway, do you have any other tips for falling in love with meditation? :)

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  1. you can make a movie in your mind with meditation

    by justin / April 8th 2010

  2. You can use meditation on a daily basis and noone even knows about it. It is an inner calmy and soothing.

    by Darth lightsaber / April 13th 2010