5 steps to read an object with psychometry

Psychometry is a common ability best know from TV where a psychic was touching some physical object like a photo and describing what he sees. In reality, the ability isn’t really different from psychic reading, but this time instead of reading a person, we’re reading an object. This tutorial will teach you how to read objects with psychometry.


How does psychometry work?

Psychic energies are everywhere, in every living being and object. The object, whether it’s a home item such as family photo or kitchen knife, or a old castle wall, acquire psychic energies that are being emitted from people and events, it’s called with the term of psychic imprint. Such imprint might remain in the object forever and being read by a skilled psychic, or it can manifest itself as a residual haunting (popular ghosts). It’s all based on psychic energies that can carry information as psychic impressions – the reader just know how to filter and pick these information up.

5 steps to read an object with psychometry

So, now that we know how psychometry works, we can get to practice. What you need is an object, for now I would suggest something from your home, an item that belongs to a member of your family or friend. Just make sure it’s nothing yours (because you already know the object), and that the item you choose is well known to the owner, so he can confirm or deny your psychic findings. Let’s get to work.

  1. Centre – as always, you have to centre yourself. It’s been discussed in the article about psychic readings, so go there and learn what centring means.
  2. Warm up – use the New Energy Ways or other system of energy manipulation to warm up the hand you will use for this psychometry session. For example I’m using my left hand even if it’s not my dominant hand, because it’s more sensitive to energy. When using NEW, just move the energy with brushing and making circles.
  3. Linking – now that you’re warmed up, use your energy manipulation skills to create a link between you and the object. Pick the object up with your hand and while holding it, imagine a link made of psychic energy being created, connecting your hand and the object itself together.
  4. Shifting awareness – now it’s something for NEW practitioners, you have to shift your awareness. This can’t be really described to none-NEW in easy way, but I’ll try. Focus completely on your physical hand, do not think about anything else. Feel only your hand for now, and the energy moving there. Basic shifting awareness is just changing the point of focus of your consciousness. Now, while sensing your physical hand, shift awareness to the object you’re holding – feel it as it would be a physical part of your body. When you’re done, you have successfully shift your awareness and you can begun the reading.
  5. Read – as I said before, psychometry isn’t very different from classic psychic readings. You have to remember about few things. While holding the object and shifting your awareness to it, stay centred and ask the question: how does the item feels like. Try to see the picture, or hear a sound, or feel something – interpret the impressions you get. Then ask another question, and pay attention to new impressions. And that’s how it works. In reality, you can use all the knowledge about psychic readings in case of psychometry :).

Remember to always touch the object you’re reading, because it’s making stronger connection (link) with it. When you’re done with reading, ask the owner about your findings. You now know how to perform a psychometry session.

What kind of information can I pick up?

Almost anything – the emotions of the item’s owner, the physical condition of this person. Events that happened around this object, circumstances that lead to the events. You can hear sounds, see pictures and whole scenes (just remember how psychic readings look like and don’t expect any High-Definition, OK?), know things and get physical and emotional feelings. Anything that can be picked up psychically, can be picked up with psychometry as well.

Different kinds of objects

Here are few examples of objects to read.

  • Photos – made of paper, with a frame, they’re often related to people and family. They can contain a lot of emotional and relationship information.
  • Walls – often in old buildings, they gather residual energies of the past, and they can inform you about the events of the past. Don’t hesitate to touch the wall in order to do a reading.
  • Furniture – typical home objects, especially armchairs can give you a lot of information about the person that used to sit there.
  • Toys – when dealing with child problems, their toys can contain vital information about emotional and mental state.

And that’s basically it – have you ever performed a psychometry session? What applications do you see for this psychic ability? Do you have any other techniques for psychometry you would like to share?

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