7 things you should know about psychics

In the last two weeks I had to explain what a real psychic can do and how does he looks like, and I had to do this multiple times, both in the internet and in real world. This has inspired me to write this article, because as it turns out, not many people are aware what a real psychic can and can’t do.


Most people imagine that a psychic is an old lady sitting in a dark room with a crystal ball and she’s showing the future to people, mostly for money. Well, that’s a fortune teller, not a psychic. So here are 7 things you should know about psychics.

  • We see no future – in reality, we cannot see the future as most people think we can. The future isn’t defined and we’re creating it as we move on with our life. I talked about it in my article about wheel of destiny. There is no way for a psychic to look into crystal ball and see what’s coming with details. When you’re going to a fortune teller, don’t treat everything what he says as it would really going to happen.
  • We can’t read minds – some people believe a psychic can tap into your mind and read it like an open book. That’s not the way it works, a psychic might pick up emotions and feelings using different ways, different psychic abilities, but even with telepathy there’s no way to literally read minds. Don’t expect positive reaction from a psychic if you will mention that, but pay attention – if he will say he can do this, then most probably he’s just a fraud.
  • We sense things – you know this standard element of ghost hunting TV shows when a psychic says something like “I sense a presence here”, well – that’s what we do. Since energy body development makes us more sensitive to energies, we can sense streams and centres of psychic energies, and we can also sense people signature and the presence of disembodied entities.
  • We don’t see nor hear, we see and hear – people think that psychic can literally see or hear things. This is not how a psychic abilities look like. Most of the time, clairvoyance isn’t clear and it’s based on things we see with our inner eyes (just like you can visualise an orange now), and clairaudience is based on hearing things inside our head, like you can speak aloud in your thoughts.
  • We pay attention to energies – in reality, being a psychic is all about paying attention to energies and psychic impressions we’re receiving, but since all people can sense these energies, what’s the difference between us and them? It’s simple, we know what to look for and we’re looking for it. That’s basically it, if you will understand what to look for when it comes to psychic energies, you will make a huge step in your psychic development.
  • We know things – just like we use clairvoyance and clairaudience, sometimes we just know things. It’s another famous thing you might recall from movies. Personally, I have no way to explain this, it might be considered as something like woman’ intuition. We just know something is going to happen, or a phone is about to ring.
  • We aren’t all the same – probably the most important thing you you should know about psychics is that we are not all the same. Some just know things, some hear things, others might just sense things. In simple words, one psychic can do only one thing, another psychic can have a wide range of abilities. It’s not said that we all have the same abilities.

If you’re a psychic, have you ever had to explain what you can do for real, and what’s just a stereotype? Or maybe you had encountered a psychic in your life that explained your point of view is wrong?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Nathan,

    I get the very same questions, and always have for years. Even with former websites I’ve had, some choose not to read. Thus, I spend a great deal of time explaining this very thing.

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I’ fairly new to Twitter, and FB, and trying to link all. That said; I will find and will retweet this article!

    Warm thoughts,
    Brenda Hooser

    by Brenda / March 31st 2010

  2. I’d love to see your ‘psychic’ abilities stand up to scientific rigor. Even just a little?

    by Harry / March 31st 2010

  3. Been there, tried that, sorry – I see no point in allowing some pseudo-sceptics to call me stupid asshole again :P

    by Nathan / March 31st 2010

  4. I tend to agree with you, Nathan.

    Skeptics simply will block you, and there’s no point in wasting anyone’s time. You can provide as many references, as you like; but it all comes down to free will to choose.

    Those of us who do what we do; are attempting to be helpful and give information that is for your highest good. We are not here to ‘prove’ anything to anyone. Sorry for any offense.


    by Brenda / March 31st 2010

  5. To be more specific, if someone open-minded will contact me and ask for help in his or her reasearch, I’ll be happy to do so if only I don’t have to travel half across the world :). But from my own experience I know 99% of “scientists” are jerks who just want to prove someone is a fraud even if he’s not. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time and money to waste on such people :).

    by Nathan / March 31st 2010

  6. How does double-blind, controlled studies sound?


    That’s the tip of the iceberg.

    by MikeMachina / March 31st 2010

  7. Truth to tell most skeptics are just skeptical because their mental state would break down if they though of the world working in any other fashion then the one they perceive… Extra sensory abilities are not that terrifying or unrealistic must people are just a little afraid of the horror movie version where the “mind reader” corrupts the subjects thoughts… If people are “so” willing to take their own free will for granted let them be the ones who suffer, not me… Nothing I can explain to them will really make them ok with the idea that there is more to the world then can be seen and most fears are ironically rooted in deep desires anyways so if they want to know so bad let them be the ones to prove it to themselves. I am on my own journey in life and I am just looking for other people to share my growth and experiences with.

    by Ren Bean / May 8th 2010