You are a psychic – a welcome to new readers

A State of Mind is present in the web for 3 years but I can’t forget about new readers who just found their ways to this website, right? My name is Nathan and I teach psychic development here. That’s right, I can teach you how to develop your psychic abilities for free. But first things first, you are already a psychic!


Yep, that’s right – you are already a psychic because in reality, everyone is a psychic. The reason not everyone give psychic readings is that some people are not aware of their own abilities. I always thought, bah – I was told that to be a psychic one need to have inborn abilities. As it turned out it wasn’t true so I decided I will be teaching psychic development. And why everyone is a psychic? Because the way psychic abilities work is because we are using psychic energies, the fuel for all psychic skills, in our daily life – the energy is being used by out energy body. In order to develop psychic abilities, all you have to do is to start developing your energy body. But wait, before you go into details (I mean, blog archives), let me give you some practical reasons to prove you are a psychic.

6 reasons to prove you are a psychic

Let’s try with something easy, please answer to the following questions.

  • Have you ever felt the phone is about to ring? If so, then you had a premonition, a simple sign of innate psychic abilities. It might be referred to as simple coincidence but in case of psychic phenomena, there are no coincidences ;).
  • Have you ever had a dream that came true? Then it was a precognitive dream and you have dreamed about the future – it’s a psychic thing.
  • Have you ever entered a room and you felt something isn’t right? You knew people were gossiping about you? Then you have picked up information flowing alogn wtih psychic energies of this room.
  • Have you ever sensed someone staring at you behind your back? Then you have sensed typical psychic impression.
  • Have you ever sensed a presence in a haunted home? If so, then heck – you have felt nothing less and nothing more but psychic signature of an entity.
  • Have you ever felt growing levels of energy in sunny morning, or during a sunset? Then you have felt the beauty of psychic energies that flows all around the world.

Knowing that something is about to happen, intuitive thoughts, sensing people and emotions, picking up weird feelings you can’t identify with anything else. Those are passive proofs that you area a psychic. Not enough for you? Then please try the following exercises.

  • Simple energy work – focus on your big thumb in your dominant hand. Touch it with index finger of your other hand and start drawing circles. While doing this, focus on the sensation of touch, focus on the circles you feel. After a minute, take your index finger away, but keep feeling the touch – imagine the touch and focus on it (close your eyes if you prefer). Do this for few minutes. What do you feel? Warm, cold, tingling, pressure, anything weird or extraordinary? Yep, what you feel is psychic energy making circles in this little part of your energy system.
  • PsiBall – imagine you’re holding a ball, move your hands into physical position. Imagine, visualise energy coming from Earth through your legs and torso, to your hands and palms, then to a space between your palms and forming a shape of a ball. Keep visualising the energy moving from Earth to that space and visualise you’re making a ball. After few minutes, stop and focus on the ball you have created – what do you feel? If you sense something, then congratulations – you just created a psiball.

And with this second exercise you have finished your first energy work practise. What do you think? Excited? Do you want to learn more?

Do you want to develop your psychic abilities?

There might be different reasons why you would like to develop your psychic abilities.

  • To help people – most want to develop their psychic abilities in order to help others, give advices or even heal illnesses.
  • To help yourself – others might just want to help themselves, and psychic mind due to its understanding and capabilities can surely do it.
  • To make money – some people want to make money with psychic abilities and for example give psychic readings. That’s a reason good enough, too.
  • To be different – this is especially important reason for young people who just don’t feel they belong to the society they’re living with and they want to choose their own way.

Whatever your reason is, you can learn how to develop your psychic abilities here on A State of Mind for free and in simple and easy way. Explore blog archives, index of practical tutorials and subscribe to new posts so you won’t miss new tips, advices and techniques.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. If you are conscious, e.g. you feel like there is a ‘self’ that is experiencing the world, then you are psychic. Psychic abilities are a necessary, almost mathematical result of consciousness and free will existing in the universe. All things are conscious, and therefore all things are connected.

    by MikeMachina / March 27th 2010

  2. You’ve provided some really great tips here for developing and enhancing psychic ability! I love the psi ball exercise.

    I’ve always found that my psychic ability is greatly influenced by my level of confidence at the time I’m doing a reading. When I’m really ‘tuned in’ there’s just an absolute ‘knowing’ that I am in fact connecting with higher knowledge.

    For anyone attempting to develop psychic ability, the first step is in assessing your belief level regarding the subject in general and in particular, assessing your belief in your own personal ability to actually become psychic.

    As with all things in life, BELIEF, when attempting to develop psychic ability is a huge factor.

    by Faye Schindelka / March 27th 2010

  3. Thanks for additional tips!

    by Nathan / March 27th 2010

  4. Good post, Nathan. It seems more and more people are trying to develop and understand their abilities. It’s nice of you to share your knowledge and try to help them like this!

    by Courtney Mroch / March 29th 2010

  5. What about opening your third eye with the toe or om mantra does it help.i love mantra chanting.if so,which one is more powerful and faster.please email me at

    by slim / March 31st 2010

  6. I haven’t experimented with that technique yet, so I recommend to try on your own, be sure to post your results :)

    by Nathan / April 1st 2010