How to create and use Wards

Psychic Shields are definitely an active method of psychic defense, and working with core images is a passive method. Something between active and passive methods is called the Ward. Psychic Wards are energy constructs meant to perform specific tasks. Just like psiball, they can be programmed, and this article will teach you how to do this.


How to explain what Ward really is? Let’s say it’s a psiball, an energy construct. It can be programmed to perform a specific defensive task – repel things, scare them away. It can be hanged somewhere in the building and it can operate within specific range, programmed by its creator. And that’s basically it :). Imagine it as a warning sign, just like the one of the photo above – the goal is to inform someone or something about possible dangerous entity – you :).

In order to create a ward, you need to learn how to create and program a psiball first, but in most cases, almost no practical experience is really required. Just go and read few articles about psiballs and try to make them few times, after you’re done you can get back here. I will give examples of uses for Wards in the next article, for now let’s just focus on practical way to create this thing.

How to create and use Wards

Follow the technique and you won’t have a problem with successfully creating a ward.

  1. Define the goal – why do you want to create this Ward? Do you want to scare bugs away? Or reflect all the negative energies hitting your room? The first step to create a Ward is to define the goal, what do you want the Ward to do? Define it and keep it in your mind.
  2. Create a psiball – follow your favourite technique to create a simple psiball in your hands, by moving the energy to create a shape of a ball. Program it to perform a specific task defined in the 1st step, it means you should put your intention inside the ball :).
  3. Send it away – now that the ball is created and programmed, you have to send it on its way, in other words, you have to hang it somewhere. For example it might be the north-west corner of your room. Just keep the intention to hang the psiball there and push it there (physically). That completes the creation process.

And that’s basically it – more advanced techniques for creating wards will be described in my upcoming ebook “The Librarian’s Guide to Psionics“, if you want to get the details, subscribe to ASoM’s newsletter. If you’re an experienced energy worker, you should have no problems with setting the Ward, but if you’re just a beginner, then don’t worry – energy follow thoughts, most probably you were successful too!

My experience

Does the Wards really work? I can tell you about my personal experience. I’m pretty afraid of spiders. So I decided to experiment a little and I’ve created a Ward to scare spiders away, I have hanged the Ward in my room and programmed it to work for few months, up to September. Since the very first day the Ward was set, to the first week of September I saw no spider in my room, not even a single piece of leg, which wasn’t a normal condition because they were swarming normally all over the room :). So yes, I personally know that Ward, if done properly, can really work.

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