8 elements of psychic development

Theory, practise, chakras, exercises, notebooks – when developing psychic abilities you can really get lost in the amount of things you need to do at the same time. But in reality, it’s not that difficult, when it comes to psychic development, there are only 8 main elements you need to keep in mind.


The overall point is to find the balance between all these elements, but that’s a subject for another post, in the meantime subscribe to new articles and read the following :).

  1. Stimulate chakras
    Chakras, these seven primary energy centres within our energy body are meant to utilize psychic energies to achieve different tasks. Normally, chakras aren’t really open, and in order to develop psychic abilities, you must open all your seven chakras. To do so, you must practise chakra stimulation, and you can learn how to stimulate chakra in one of the previous posts.
  2. Develop energy body
    Psychic energy flows through energy system (energy body), where it performs different functions, both unconscious and conscious. In order to use psychic abilities you need psychic energies, in order to use more psychic energies, you must develop your energy system so it will be able to utilize more energies. The best way to do so is to practise New Energy Ways.
  3. Learn theory
    Practical psychic development won’t be possible if you won’t learn the theory. You have to read different theories describing how psychic abilities function, and you have to learn about scientific explanations too. Psychic development is not just about loving everything and everyone, it’s about science too.
  4. Practical exercises
    Of course, theory isn’t everything, in order to develop psychic abilities you have to perform practical exercises. You have to work with energy, practise scanning, linking, grounding and do psychic readings. Not mentioning obvious things like meditation.
  5. Have reality anchors
    In order to stay focused on psychic development, sometimes you need to take a break. This is where reality anchors comes into play. It’s something that keeps you in our physical reality and won’t let you get carried away into New Age crap ;).
  6. Use notebooks, tools and gadgets
    Also important thing that’s something like paranormal reality anchor is the collection of notebooks, boards, books etc. All that gadgets and tools are helpful because they help in developing psychic abilities and stay focused on your goals, at the same time providing you with something very physical, and not only energy made.
  7. Read books
    No website nor magazine will give you as much knowledge as book can. True knowledge comes from books, and this is what you should focus upon when learning about psychic development. Collect books, and read them page by page.
  8. Stick to schedule
    You can’t practise for one day, and take rest for another month. In order to develop psychic abilities for real, you have to stick to your practise schedule and exercise each day.

Do you keep in mind the points above? What do you think about each of them? Do you know some other elements important for psychic development?

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  1. Fantastic post! You are always so thorough. I have to admit that I go online and do testing every day just to see how my skills are that day. I go to http://www.gotpsi.org. I’ve found that if I don’t use my skills for many many years and then go to do a reading, I haven’t lost one bit of my skill. It’s kind of weird. I do know from experience that interpretation is everything in doing readings, so I try very hard to close off the logical mind that tells me “what I’m picking up can’t be true” and I just go with my first instinct. If I give myself too much time, I’ll talk myself out of whatever I “knew” right away. I have noticed as I age, I seem to acquire more abilities. I used to only do psychometry. Then, in early adulthood I began with clairvoyant dreams of upcoming plane crashes and world events and earthquakes. Now, I’ve been traveling in my dreams and visiting other people I know online but have never met and they report having dreamed of me visiting them and can even describe the conversation. It’s definitely expanding, but perhaps because I’m not as focused on ambition and work and logic-minded things as much and take more time to explore my creative side now. It’s interesting to see how it evolves.

    by autumnforest / March 19th 2010