How to create psiball with Qi Gong technique

Psiball is probably the most famous energy construct in the world of psychic abilities. A ball made of psychic energies, for years it was meant to learn energy manipulation. With dozens of techniques, there are still tips to share regarding the subject, and I’m going to prove this by instructing you how to create a psiball with Qi Gong technique.


Qi Gong is a Chinese gymnastic that utilize physical movement, breath exercises and manipulation of psychic energy – Chi (Qi). It is often forget by energy workers as they see no real applications for the art, but let me be strait. Chinese martial arts are all about energy work, so every energy worker in the western world should at least take east arts under consideration as important element of personal training and psychic development.

Just a quick notice – never, ever mix Qi Gong practice with Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, New Energy Ways or any technique of collecting Earth Chi from food, trees, nature etc. These are two types of energies, that can mess with your energy system, and you don’t want this to happen. Wait at least an hour before Qi Gong and any other practice.

4 steps to create a psiball

Now, let’s get into details. Even if Qi Gong is said to use Chi (Qi), in reality it’s the same thing as general psychic energy, only terminology is different than normally. Don’t worry about the terms now, just perform the exercise.

  1. Take the pose In this technique, you’re going to make a psiball not while sitting, but while standing. So stand up and bend your knees a bit. Then, extend your both hands in front of you and turn your palms in a way so the bottom of your palms will face each other. Leave about 15 inches of space between both your palms.
  2. Breath In Now take a deep breath in, and when you do, move your hands away for about 20 or 25 more inches. Keep the bottoms of palms facing each other.
  3. Breath Out When you breath out, move your hands toward each other, and when you do, imagine the psychic energy being gathered between your hands and brought to a small space, forming a ball. If you’re good with tactile visualization, you can even feel the ball ;). Make the ball about 5 to 10 inches in diameter, stop closing your hands to each other when you will start to feel preasure.
  4. Breath In and Out Again, take a deep breath and start moving your hands away, but this time keep in mind that the ball of energy still remains in that space in front of you. Then breath out and close your hands, gathering even more energy into the ball. Keep the exercise for another 5 minutes or so. Soon, you will start to feel the pressure of the energy forming between your hands.

And you’re done, you have created a psiball with Qi Gong technique. This exercise is extremely useful when you want to create a psiball in public area, because if anyone will ask, you can just say you’re practising Chinese breath exercise ;). Simple? Do you like it? Have you ever tried that method of creating psiball?

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