7 essential tips for psychic development

Psychic development isn’t just about practising abilities day by day, and I already talked about it. In order to develop psychic abilities you must remember about many things like sticking to schedule, reading or keeping a personal journal.


7 Essential Tips For Psychic Development

  1. Never stop learning
    When you stop learning new things, you’re done. In a negative way. You have to keep learning to discover new techniques to practise with. Maybe, with a new technique’s help, you will find out that it’s easier to develop new psychic skills? You have to look for new theories that might help you create your own techniques that will increase your skills. Therefore, explore new websites, read a book after book, explore the subject of psychic phenomena from both esoteric and scientific ways, explore magic and occult too, you might find similarities there! Never stop learning!
  2. Read about psychic abilities
    Read a lot, and read often. Reading about psychic abilities and research in the field of psychic phenomena keeps you focused on achieving your goal, which is developing your own psychic abilities. Read books, personal journals and diaries, research papers, articles in newspapers and magazines, and finally read websites and blogs about the subject.
  3. See something good? Bookmark it!
    Never loose interesting stuff, if you see something good, bookmark it. It doesn’t matter if you use websites for this like Digg, or Delicious, or a paper notebook, the point is to keep track of your discoveries. In your adventure with psychic development, you will find different theories, stories, articles, research papers, or techniques. Use websites to bookmark links, use notebook to write down your discoveries. Keep your findings close to you.
  4. Stay organised
    Use tools like calendars, both online and offline to stay organised. Create todo lists, stick to your practice schedule, use Get Things Done systems to stay on track. Use calendars and todo lists to keep track of things to do, use notebooks (on and offline) to write down your ideas and personal theories, use passion boards to keep your goals in mind.
  5. Use social networks for motivation
    Being a psychic doesn’t mean you can’t use Internet. Use social networks to stay in touch with your friends who either support your psychic development, or develop psychic skills on their own, too. Network with them, share your thoughts and experiences, and learn from each other.
  6. Don’t be afraid to differ
    If you believe it will be better for you to differ and choose different development path than others, do this! If I wouldn’t take such a drastic step, I wouldn’t be standing here now. Some people believe to be right because an exercise works for them, but it might not work for you. If you think other technique works for you and only for you, stick with it. Don’t worry to walk your own path if you believe you’re right!
  7. Make friends
    Look for people like you, people who want to develop psychic abilities, people who want to talk, share thoughts and experiences, but people who won’t force you to believe in what they believe. Network with them and motivate them; and let them motivate you.

Do you have any other useful tips?

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  1. that is sound advice, particularly journal keeping. there are many benifits of placing pen to paper

    by rob / March 15th 2010

  2. with regard to #3 (On bookmarking interesting sites), I highly recommend clipmarks.com for this purpose. (I’m not endorsing anything, just sharing a very valuable tool.) Instead of bookmarking entire webpages, clipmarks.com allows you to “bookmark” little snippets of text and pictures, which is then saved on an online server, so you can access it from anywhere. Just thought this might interest a few folks!

    by dropkickacid / April 7th 2010