5 steps to deal with core image

While psychic shields are definitely an active method of psychic self-defense, working with core images falls into passive methods category. For every psychic and psychicic practitioner it’s crucial to learn how to deal with core images and to develop a schedule of daily ‘mind cleansing’.


What is a core image? In simple words it is a memory of negative events stored in your subconscious. It can be acquired through natural means (by experiencing negative things) or artificially implanted by an entity or even other person for example during sleep (we’re talking about  nightmares here, not dreams). Have you ever experienced something negative, for example being punched by a schoolmate? Or maybe you broke up with a girl, or you lost someone or something you was emotionally attached to? If so, then most probably you have a core image. In reality, everyone does have a pretty nice collection of core images.

The importance

Why is it important to work with core images on daily basis? Core images can be used by entities and people to attach to your mind and energy system by lowering your natural psychic defences. Any negativity, aggression or hatred lowers your psychic defence capabilities that’s why when doing psychic work it’s important to keep calm and peaceful mind. Working with core images is like visiting a counselor. He helps you let go of your bed memories, the same thing apply to core images – dealing with them means you let go of them and they no longer carry negativity with them.

Natural Psychic Defences?

I mentioned natural psychic defences, what is it? Natural psychic defence is the capability of your subconscious mind to use energy flowing through your energy system to create basic psychic shields that will keep you protected in daily life. The stronger the energy system is, and the stronger the mind is, the stronger defences you have. Don’t underestimate the importance of strong mind then :). Anyway, if your mind is weak – weaken by negative memories, fear, sadness etc., then natural defences can’t defend you against possible psychic treats.

5 steps to deal with core image

Now that you know what core image is, it’s time to deal with yours :).

  1. Start a journal
    In order to work with core images you need a journal where you will keep information about all the core images you identified. On each page create a table with the checkbox, core image name, short description and few columns where you will put dates of cleansing. Simple notebook will be enough.
  2. Identify the core image
    Now close your eyes and recall the first negative experience you remember. Observe it now, what do you feel, how do you feel? Is it painful, sad? Identify all the negative feelings you experience. Write down the core images into your notebook.
  3. Send it away
    Now see (visualize) the whole experience like happening in a big room, see all the action, all movement, everything that happened, and keep in mind all the negativity. Visualize the scene getting smaller, and smaller, in a few seconds disappearing behind the horizon, and all the negative feelings disappear with the scene. Literally feel the relief.
  4. Cut and burn it
    After few seconds, visualize the even as a picture on a postcard. Again, feel all the negativity. Visualize in your right hand a sword, and in your left hand a flaming torch. Depending on your beliefs, bless both the sword and the torch with some higher power – like God, or Great Spirit of the Universe etc. Feel the intention that these two weapons are now meant to destroy negativity of all kind. The use the sword (visualize) to cut the postcard into pieces, and when you’re done, use the torch to burn all the pieces. When nothing else but ash remains, feel the relief and know that you have dealt with the core image and it’s no longer a treat for you.
  5. Move forward
    Sometimes the core image might renew itself. Some images can be recalled in your dreams, or they might be implanted in the nightmares. It’s important to keep working with core images on daily basis, identifying new ones, and these that renewed themselves. If the image renewed itself, repeat the cleansing process again. Don’t forget about the journal.

That is all that regards working with core images. Work with them, and you will notice you feel better day by day. Keep in mind that this passive method important for effective and complex psychic self-defence. What about you, have you ever worked with core images?

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