3 steps to stimulate a chakra

As you may know, chakras, the famous energy centres in our energy bodies responsible for both psychic and spiritual growth can be stimulated in order to develop them. The more developed a chakra is, the more benefits it gives you. But there are few things you must know about chakra stimulation before you move to that somehow advanced practise.


About chakras

Chakras are energy centers within your energy system. There are seven chakras, and thousands of smaller ones. The very name “Chakra” comes from sanscrit and means vortex. Knowing the location, colour and basic description of each chakra is very important for psychic development, as stimulating and developing chakras is a way for you to sense more energy, and understand more of its meaning. But stimulating chakras might be also dangerous and it might damage your energy system when not done properly. Therefore, you must remember about few simple rules.

  • Always start small, from the lower root chakra, and then move up toward next chakra. Do not attempt to stimulate one of the higher chakras if you haven’t practise with lower ones for few months.
  • Feeling physical sensations, even ‘weird’ pain in chakra when stimulating is a natural thing and should not be considered as dangerous. But if the pain gets really strong, stop stimulating and take a break. Any physical feelings means the chakra is being successfully stimulated.
  • Chakras cannot be closed. Stimulating them will always increase their vibrations (it means the more you stimulate a chakra, the more open it becomes). Therefore, don’t worry about closing chakras, just think about opening them :). Also, don’t worry, the energy won’t leak out from you as many people believe – I work with chakras for quite some time and I have never attempt to close them and here I am, still alive!
Wait, chakras? Isn’t that some kind of a new age stuff? Well, if you prefer you can call them “primary energy centres” or PEC – terminology doesn’t really matter, the point is that these energy centres are there and they’re important when thinking about psychic development. So don’t worry, we’re not digging into New Age yet :).

3 steps to stimulate a chakra

Now that you are OK with some basic things you need to know about chakras stimulation, we can proceed to practical exercise. What we need is the New Energy Ways system, we’re going to use tactile sensations to stimulate chakras. Let’s begin by sitting down with closed eyes.

  • Centre – first, let’s centre. Focus on that little dot inside your head and clear your mind, do not think about anything specific. After few seconds, move forward. No particular trance or meditation state is required for chakra stimulation, as NEW is always easy!
  • Focus – now think of the chakra you’re about to stimulate. If you’re a beginner, you will begun with root chakra “down there” :). Touch this part of your body, feel it with your physical senses.
  • Circles & Ripping – Now using NEW, I mean using tactile sensations, literally feel how you make a circles around that chakra. If you don’t know what I mean and you haven’t tried NEW, touch the chakra location with your finger and make few circles around. Feel the touch and the finger making circles on your skin. Then take your finger away, but keep feeling the circles. When you feel them just with your mind, then you’re using NEW. After about 5 seconds of making circles, rip the chakra – feel the physical sensations of the energy centre being opened wide – do this for another 5 seconds, then get back to making circles.

Continue these circles and ripping for about 10 to 15 minutes each day for about 30 days, after that time you can move to another chakra. Yep, that’s a exercise for few months of practise but no one said psychic development will be easy, right? At least now you know hot to stimulate chakras! Have you ever stimulated chakras before this post? Do you have any advices for beginners?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. So once you start on your root and you then move up to your next one should you also continue opening you root alone with the added one?

    by John Davis / March 9th 2010

  2. Nope, once you move to next chakra, you forget about the previous one. Once stimulated the chakra remains open more than before stimulation, it won't return to previous closed position, as chakra can be only opened, never closed.

    by Mastergreed / March 9th 2010

  3. My thought is simple – chakra can be opened only by stimulation. Stimulation is done by either thinking to open the chakra or feel it open. But when you think about closing the chakra, you still think about the chakra. So you're stimulating it. When stimulating, you're opening it, so you can't close it. Uff?

    by Mastergreed / March 10th 2010

  4. I'm not so sure. Well let me elaborate.

    I don't think chakras can be closed, under any conditions. However, misuse, stress, lack of spiritual development, etc can cause weakening and atrophy and gunk up the chakras, sort of like arteriosclerosis. Energy work is like stretching and jogging a few miles for your energy body :)

    One thing I've heard is that you're not supposed to leave your chakras totally open all the time, on the idea that it's easier for them to 'suck in' negativity. Now, I've only heard this from one source and haven't heard it backed up at all, and theoretically the proper shield work should prevent it, but it's an interesting idea.

    My current solution is that I've created shielding constructs around individual primary chakras that are sort of like blow-off valves – under day to day mundane operation, they cover over them, providing an extra layer of protection. As energy flow increases, they slide aside. When coming down from energetic activity (a time that I've found in which one is especially vulnerable to gunk-up) they slide back to protect automatically.

    by @machinalabs / March 10th 2010

  5. I agree, i understand the need to stimulate, i have been working with chakra among other things for many years, but like everything that stays open eventually things you dont want or need will flood in, (psychically, physiologically, psychologically, energetically etc), it is better to protect your chakra’s, I wouldnt go on the theory that they cannot be closed because to a certain degree the people who come to me whether it is an “unbalance” or suffering from “energy drain” do to a degree “shut down” one or more of thier chakra’s and it stops them from enjoying the full optimum of thier working energetic body.

    Just as we can consciously “open” our chakras and recharge to restore balance ww can unconsciously “shut down”

    Bless be :)

    by MzConception / April 2nd 2010

  6. Yes, closing the chakra unconsciously is possible, what I meant was that we can’t close it consciously, thanks for clarifying :)

    by Nathan / April 2nd 2010