8 uses for psychic abilities in daily life

Psychic abilities wouldn’t be fun if you wouldn’t be able to use them day by day. We’re learning a new skill in order to use it later, and since talking to spirits won’t happen daily, and paranormal investigations in really haunted areas aren’t as often as you might think, you must find ways to use psychic gift daily.


Using abilities each day is important in psychic development, because once the skill is awaken (it means, when you managed to make it work for the first time), the only thing that remains is practise, practise and one more time, practise! And let’s admit, practising by sitting on your… chair isn’t the best way to develop skills further, you need to (as I call it) get out your room and meet the outside world. Here are few ways to help you out with this.

8 uses for psychic abilities in daily life

  • Choosing products – imagine, you’re standing in a shop (or doing shopping online) and you don’t know which product should you choose. So you’re closing your eyes and you’re doing a psychic reading for yourself. Acting on instinct, you’re choosing the right thing – wouldn’t that be a great way to use psychic abilities for girls? :P
  • Making decisions – just like when choosing a product in a shop, making decisions requires a personal psychic reading. That’s what psychic readers usually do, they help in decision making by asking their spirit guides or higher psychic-self what this person should do. Trust me, when you’re in trouble and you don’t know what to do, use your inner psychic skills and make a decision based on psychic impressions you receive.
  • Estimating someone’s value – I often use this when I’m meeting new people, I can pick their signatures (aura, as some people call it) in a matter of seconds and I can adjust my behaviour toward these specific types of character. Very often it works :). You can try that to, imagine how easy it would be to instantly know a person’s personality, or her attitude towards you!
  • Knowing things – so you’re sitting in a room with other people and you’re talking, talking, talking. And then suddenly you get the impression that they want you to stop talking. So you say “OK, but that’s another story I might tell you later, enough about me, what about you?” – and people start admire you because you know when to shut up and let others talk :).
  • Helping others – yep, you can give psychic readings on daily basis, why not? If you do have a psychic ability you’re cool with, you should use it to help those who can’t tune into their psychic gifts.
  • Talking to animals – no, I’m not crazy, a psychic can really talk to animals and you know, these little living beings really have a lot to say. I use every opportunity to talk (at least try, this skill isn’t the best thing in my arsenal) to dogs and cats. There are vets who do have such psychic skill and that’s why they’re so good in what they do. If you’re interested in the subject of telepathy with animals, I suggest to go read some works of Rupert Sheldrake.
  • Attracting people – if you do have a developed energy system, you might noticed you’re attracting people. It happens because along with psychic skills, your spirituality is developing too, by this people like you more – they don’t know why, they just sense you’re a good person. They will not perceive you as a threat and they will gladly help you – and this will make your life easier. This use of psychic abilities is definitely a passive one, but still worth it!
  • Make money – the bonus use, when you’re finally a good psychic reader, why not start giving psychic readings for money? It’s always an additional income :).

Have you ever tried any tip from this list? Do you know other ways to use psychic abilities daily?

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  1. When my psychic energy is up and functioning properly, I can pick out other energetic types everywhere I go. I can just run into people like me constantly.

    Though, one interesting type of person I've found is the sort of person who has the energy signature of someone who should be into psi in some way, but you talk to them, and they aren't. I'm not sure what causes this specific mixing of signals, but it's happened more than once. My running theory is that it is people who have the potential, but have deliberately chosen to wall it off.

    by @machinalabs / March 10th 2010