25 Types Of Psychic Abilities

There are too many psychic abilities out there. You might get lost, and since the last article like this one is a bit outdated, I feel obligated to create a revised guide to types of psychic abilities. Today, I three main sections of psychic skills – energy work, perception and alteration skills.


All of the skills that falls into perception and alteration categories can be discovered (it is called awakening of psychic abilities), developed and successfully applied in daily life. Some of them will awaken automatically once you will take time to work with energies, other skills will require intentional learning and development. But remember, every single skill from the list below can be learned by everyone, and all begins in energy work.

Energy Work

Everything is energy and energy is everything. Psychic energies flowing in the physical world (this includes our bodies) are the thing responsible for psychic abilities to work.

  • Energy Manipulation – this is a basic skill of manipulating psychic energies both inside and outside your body. It’s where psychic development begins.
  • Constructs making and programming – it’s a skill to use the psychic energy to create and program (make them do things) energy constructs such as psiballs.
  • Flaring – an ability to flare construct, in other words, to make it visible to the naked eye. Some says they can do this, but I would be sceptical :).


The following set of skills is also called Anomalous Cognition, or Extra-Sensory Perception and it’s related to acquiring (and sometimes sending) information using psychic means.

  • Telepathy – an ability to communicate with both humans and animals using psychic skills, it’s about sending and receiving information.
  • Empathy – known as ‘cursed gift’ it’s a skill that allows people to sense emotional and physical states of others through psychic means.
  • Precognition – knowing the future, knowing things or having visions or precognition dreams. Sometimes it’s about seeing the future with your eyes, sometimes it’s just about knowing that something will happen (premonition).
  • Retrognition – a form of psychometry perhaps, but still – something like precognition, but this time we’re perceiving the past, not the future.
  • Clairvoyance – being able to see things without eyes, sometimes very real and sometimes just with your inner eyes.
  • Clairaudience – similar to clairvoyance, but this time it’s ability to hear things, yet not always as you hear normally, but more just like thoughts in your mind.
  • Clairsentience – famous psychic sensitivity, an ability to sense psychic energies (and entities) around, probably the most popular skill among energy workers.
  • Psychometry – more like a mixed set of skills: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience that allows one to pick up information via psychic means from physical objects like tables, pencils or whole buildings.
  • Remote Viewing – another mixed set of skills that allow to perceive the physical objects without the use of normal senses, just like psychometry utilize clair* skills with physical contact or proximity with the object, RV does not require any proximity or physical contact.
  • Aura view – a form of clairvoyance that allows people to see the aura literally (psychic energy field) around the person.
  • Astral Projection – an ability to leave your physical body and explore the astral planes.
  • Pendling & Dowsing – being able to sense psychic energies using devices like rods or pendulum.
  • Shielding & Wards – set of typical psychic defense abilities, first is about setting psychic shields, the other is about creating wards that scare things away.


This set of psychic skills is all about altering the physical reality using psychic abilities.

  • Psychokinesis, both macro and micro – using psychic means to alter the physical objects. Altering random happenings, for example, of a rolling dice, or visible movement of objects.
  • Healing and bio-alteration – altering biological organism in order to heal it wounds of physical sort.

Support Skills

There are also some skills that aren’t directly related to psychic abilities, but they act more like supporting skills.

  • Centring – an ability to centre your mind, by focusing on the very essence of your being. Some people perceive this central point in the middle of their heads, others in their spine. In reality, it’s all about the point of focus.
  • Triggering – an ability to program your mind to perform a specific task or remind you of something, when an outside element comes into play, for example, you can program your mind to remind you about the dinner at your mother’s house when you will see a white rabbit :).
  • Meditation – everyone knows what meditation is, and since nobody can really explain what it is, I will just say that it’s a supporting skill for psychic abilities.
  • Lucid Dreaming – something between meditation and astral projection, it’s about controlling your dreams. It might be used to learn additional control over your mind – both conscious and unconscious.
  • Visualization – imagining things in your head, useful for probably everything.

And that will be all. Most of the other “skills” will be just mixtures of the above. But, I have to ask, do you have any other suggestions? Did I miss something?

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