How To Create Psychic Shield In 6 Steps

As stated in the previous post about psychic defence psychic shield (here named psychic shield) is the basic method of defending against energies. Psychic shield is an energy constructs formed around the physical body, meant to protect both your physical and mental body, and now I’ll teach you how to set up your own psychic shield.


Psychic shield works because it’s programmed to either absorb or reflect psychic energies. What is a programming, you might ask. Generally, it’s all about putting your intention into energy in order to program it to perform a specific task. There are few articles about programming from old UPC on A State of Mind you should check:

Psychic (psionic) programming as a term was introduced in Playful Psychic ebook, and later on website, did you knew that?

Now you know what psychic programming is, so you can proceed to learning how to program a defensive shield. Those who ever learned about the process might have noticed I mentioned that psychic shield can be programmed to absorb, or to reflect the energy, and not to stop it – and there’s a difference :). Remember, programming is all about intention, so if you intend to stop the energy, it should stop within nanoseconds, right? Wrong – psychic energy flows with specific speed as particle and it’s impossible for it to stop without slowing down – which is what your shield intend is. Well, it’s a little more complex than that, but it describes the problem well – psychic shield cannot be programmed to stop energy because it will be ineffective, it must be programmed to do more detailed task. Shield meant only to stop the energy is usually called “bubble shield”.

2 Types Of Psychic Shield, 2 Types Of Programming

There are two types of psychic shield. First is so called “bubble” shield, which is a shape of a bubble around your physical body, and most of your aura levels. Second is the skin layer shield, which is an energy shield formed few inches above the skin. And there are also two types of programming.

  • Absorb Shield – this type of shield is meant to absorb all the energies hitting it, so the more energy hits it, the stronger the shield becomes. The problem with this shield is that it might be overloaded, and when it does, it might damage the energy system of your body.
  • Mirror Shield – this shield is meant to reflect all the energy hitting it. We also have a small problem with this shield, because the energy being reflected cannot be targeted, so it might hit everything and everyone around you. Still, it probably is the best defense shield possible :).

How To Create Psychic Shield In 6 Steps

  • Define your goal – depending on the situation, you might want to create either absorb or mirror shield. Define what you want to do, if the attack is strong and your energy manipulation skills aren’t the best, perhaps mirror shield will be better. If the attack is weak or you feel OK with your energy manipulation skills, then probably absorb shield is the one for you to choose.
  • Centre – centre is the process of clearing and focusing your mind. I’ve wrote about it in the post about psychic reading, so if you want to learn more, then read it for more details.
  • Draw energy – use your favourite system to draw energy into your body. For New Energy Ways practitioners, remember to draw the energy into your first energy storage below the stomach.
  • Set your intention – decide what you want. Keep the intend inside your mind to either create a shield that will absorb all energies, or only specific types of energies in order to become stronger. Or set an intend to create a shield that will reflect all the energies (or only specific types of energies, for example, negative) coming its way.
  • Set up the shield – now feel the energy (using your favourite energy manipulation system) forming either a bubble around your body, or additional layer to your skin. Keep the previous intention inside your mind at all time.
  • Shell – when the shield is up, it’s time to shell it – feel or visualize it becoming hard, impenetrable (this process is called shelling), and after you’re done, you’re done :).

How To Lower The Shield

When the shield isn’t needed anymore, it should be “lowered”, it means it should be destroyed :). This is very simple:

  • Have an intend to lower the shield.
  • Feel or visualize it disappearing, while keeping the intend of lowering it in your mind.

As you can see, both setting up and lowering the shield is very easy ,and in most cases, it’s possible to achieve a success for the first time you try the above. Remember, it’s all about the intend and energy manipulation, and we all know that energy follow thoughts.

Do you use shields? Do you have favourite method of setting up a shield? Do you have any experiences when shield helped you in anyway?

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  1. Also, i tried the mirror one…just so it reflects on them…since it can't stop it…

    by Cat / June 12th 2010