6 ways to use a crystal

Crystals are inseparable element of psychic “pop-culture” (if I may say it’s a pop-culture). In all these movies somehow related to psychic phenomena you can see psychics using crystals for many different purposes, mainly to focus. But in reality, crystals can be used in many different ways, and here are six of them.


It is a common belief that crystals of different sort such as quartz or amethyst conduct psychicic energies, and the way they conduct them depends on molecular structure of the specific crystal itself. That’s why amethyst will have different characteristic than obsidian, because it conduct energy in different way. Each and every crystal do have a set of specific uses for psychic work, spiritual development or healing, and each crystal is meant for specific zodiac sign. A friendly reminder, remember that all we know about the crystals influencing psychic development is a belief, not scientific knowledge. Scientific proofs about crystals in paranormal are yet to be discovered.

Personally, I do use some crystals on daily basis, such as quartz for focus during psychic readings, and I also carry an amethyst with me all the time on my belt.

6 ways to use a crystal

  • Esthetic – crystals do look nice, they’re beautiful and perfect for jewellery. Even if you’re not an energy worker, you can wear some crystal jewellery just for pleasure. I’m mentioning about esthetic use of crystals because all uses that follows could be mixed with esthetic function, for example you can carry an amethyst for psychic work as pendant.
  • Healing – crystals are said to have multiple healing capabilities because of the specific type of psychicic energy they emit. Some crystals can heal mental and emotional problems, other can heal physical wounds and illnesses. Different crystals can heal different types of illness, still – it’s just the common belief unsupported by research.
  • Spirituality – some crystals can be used for chakra work, they can influence the state of development of our seven main chakras and it’s a common belief that chakras development is directly related to spiritual growth. Specific crystals should be used for the chakra they’re meant for, and the use of them is simple – just put the crystal on the chakra and it will stimulate this energy centre.
  • Protection – some crystals have protective capabilities, for example amethyst is known for cumulating negative energies that are flowing towards us, and to enhance our natural psychic defense system. They can also protect us from negativity in specific rooms when placed somewhere in it.
  • Psychic work – other crystals can help us in psychic work, for example quartz is useful for enhancing focus, amethyst is believed to support clairvoyance and clairaudience, other crystals can be used for making pendulums or crystal balls (scrying, such crystals are also enhancing focus).
  • Talisman – some crystals can influence our desire to accomplish things, making them perfect talismans. Crystals can’t attract things on their own, but the energy they radiate greatly help us in achieving our own goals.

As energy workers everyone should consider learning a bit about crystals and their possible uses. Personally I recommend The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

Are you using crystals in your psychic work? Or maybe you consider them useless? What crystals work the best for you?

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  1. Question for you: Do crystals have intrinsic properties, or is it just what we give them? Well, that's actually two questions rolled into one:

    1. Do you believe crystals have intrinsic properties that make them more useful as psychic artifacts than other physical materials (say a rock, or a piece of metal, or a sofa, etc)?

    2. If yes, do you believe that different crystals are better suited to different functions, or is that just based on mental associations and attributes we subconsciously assign to them?

    This is something I've always wondered about (especially because I personally tend to eschew the idea that you need specific things and items for ritual magick, and instead do odd things like use my multitool as an athame)

    by @machinalabs / March 2nd 2010

  2. I believe that yes, crystals do have intrinsic properties due to their molecular structure and yes, I believe that different crystals should be used for different purposes :).

    by Mastergreed / March 2nd 2010

  3. Awesome, thanks. :)

    by @machinalabs / March 2nd 2010