Psychic Self-Defence

Becoming a psychic, on other words becoming an energy worker means you’re also becoming a rich feeding ground for negative astral entities such as astral critters. Generally, you’re becoming a target for both astral entities and other practitioners too, just because you work with energy. That’s why learning psychic self-defence is an important step in psychic development.


For next few weeks I will be publishing posts about ways to defend yourself and others as well using psychic means. One can defend himself and others using both psychic means and magical rituals. While using physical objects and spoken spells is magic, psychic self-defense (and psychic defence) is all about your own mind and energy manipulation. Is it really needed to develop some level of psychic defence abilities? Definitely yes! Here are few reasons for this…

Why do you require psychic defence

  • 1. Energy worker stores a lot of energy which can be used by psychic vampires and astral critters to feed upon. Learning how to keep the energy with you and not being sucked out is useful :).
  • 2. As psychic it’s easier to attack you by other psychics. Yea, I know – it sounds like some childish games, but psychic warfare isn’t a joke, and everyone who was ever interested in Cold War psychic research will know what I’m talking about. It’s because developed energy system have more influence over physical body – harm the energy system, and the body will fall.
  • 3. As psychic and energy worker, you’re also a danger for astral entities – if they’re negative (such as negs or demons), you can send them away and even attack by yourself. That’s why they might try to attack you first before you’ll do the same to them.

As you can see, it’s not easy to be psychic :). Anyway, what kind of psychic methods of defence do we have at our disposal? Let’s take a look:

  • Psionic Shields – energy constructs formed around the physical body, meant to protect both your physicality and emotional body.
  • Working with Core Images – negative memories used by negs and demons to bypass natural psychic defence.
  • Wards – another energy constructs, hanging in a physical space, meant to scare things away.
  • Energy Manipulation itself – the best defence is a good offence :).

Each of these methods will be discussed in coming post. For now, let me remind you what kind of psychic defence has been already discussed on A State of Mind.

Already on our website

I recommend to read the posts above and you will learn something everyone can use, even if not an energy worker nor a psychic. Do this, while waiting for first article that will discuss psychicic shields.

Have you ever experienced any psychic attack? What methods of defence have you used? Are you using any methods right now? Share your thoughts in comments, please!

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