Give psychic reading in 4 steps

I discussed giving rune reading, it’s time to talk about giving psychic reading. In reality, psychic reading isn’t difficult, it’s all about tuning into information flowing around you. You know, if it wasn’t for my spirit guide, I wouldn’t know it’s THAT easy. Keep reading and I will teach you how to give a psychic reading.


Day by day it’s becoming easier for me to acquire information using psychic means, because I’m developing my visual memory – I can literally see things in front of my eyes, that’s how I can memorize so much. But even if you’re not a visual person, it’s not a big problem, you can still “see” things. Well, about seeing things…

First, make sure you remember how psychic reading really looks like. It’s not like watching TV, it’s not like hearing real voices. It’s all about impressions, knowing things and getting information directly into your conscious mind. Too many people expect to really see or hear things and because of that, their readings aren’t accurate. It’s not how things look like ;). When giving a psychic reading, remember about few things:

  • Focus – if you’re tired or distracted, you won’t be able to focus, and without focus, you won’t pick up any psychic impression.
  • Don’t expect – things might not happen… or they might happen. Psychic reading might be easy or difficult. You never know, so never expect something to happen, just flow with things.
  • Be active – it’s never “just waiting for information”, psychic reading must be active – this article will teach you how.

The best thing with the following is that you can practise psychic readings on your own, and you don’t need a person to give the reading to. It is so because principles when doing reading for yourself and for someone else are all the same.

Give psychic reading in 4 steps

Follow the following four steps and you will understand these principles.

1. Centre

First, you have to centre yourself, it means you have to focus. You can do this by focusing on the centre of your head – a little point in the very middle of your brain. Focusing there helps you get rid of emotions and expectations. Just keep your conscious there at all time and you will find it helping you perceiving more information than before centring. When you’re centred, it’s time to get to work!

2. Ask the question

Whether you’re giving a reading for someone or for yourself, you have a question, something to ask about. Here are some questions as examples:

  1. What should I do now?
  2. Will I find a better job soon?
  3. Does this girl likes me?
  4. Is Jimmy all right?

Different types of questions can be asked. Remember it is you who asks the questions to “your psychic-self” so if your ‘customer’ asked for something, you have to repeat the question in your thoughts. When question is asked, here is where the fun begins.

3. Get the impression

Pay attention to things you perceive. You can get different types of psychic impressions.

  • Image – or whole scenes, some might be total abstract, some might be memories from the past (also different kinds – you can remember having a dinner, listening to music, seeing someone, playing a computer game or watching a movie). Keep focused on things you see. This is clairvoyance.
  • Voice – just like you speak words in your mind, you can hear “voice” telling you something. This is called clairaudience.
  • Music – this is another form of clairaudience, after asking the question you can hear a music inside your head, meaning a tune can literally pop up into your mind.
  • Instant knowing – and finally, you can just know things. This can’t be really described, as you have to experience it and understand on your own. Generally, you just know :).

4. Start asking questions

After you get the first impression, we’re getting into active part. Never wait for other impressions to appear after first one, because in order to do so, you need to ask new question. This is what I call “active psychic reading” – it’s all about being active :). So when you got the first impression, as another question about it. Here’s the example. Someone asked you “who is my best friend?“. You asked yourself “who is this person’s best friend?” and received an impression of a cat, so you can ask next “is it a cat that is this person’s best friend?“, and you might get an impression of a crowd applauding you :). Then you can ask further:

  1. How old this cat is?
  2. What colour is this cat?
  3. Is this cat black?

New impression, another question, keep the ball turning and you will be surprised how many information you can acquire during your psychic reading.

Things to keep in mind

There are still some things you should know.

  • It takes time – you won’t become an expert during single reading. But by practising, you will tune in and you will learn interpretation of impressions you get.
  • Question matters – right question is important – when you see a cat, it’s good to know what kind of information you perceive better. If colours, then ask “what colour this cat is?“, but if you have troubles recognizing colours during psychic reading, ask “is this cat black” and wait for seeing this crowd applaud :).
  • Sometimes there’s no answer – sometimes “something above” doesn’t want to give you answer. Sometimes you’re blocking the answer on your own, sometimes the person is blocking it. Accept that and move on, you don’t need to know everything. And when you don’t just admit it :).
  • Have fun – treat psychic readings as pure pleasure and adventure, because if you’ll take it too serious, it might become boring, and then it’s only a matter of time before you fail in getting accurate readings.

Useful? Have you ever gave psychic reading to someone? Or maybe you asked psychic for advices? Share your story, please!

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