What is psychic vampirism?

One of our readers asked for a post about psychic vampirism, so I decided to write something about this fascinating subject. As it turns out, if there’s a physical body, there are physical illnesses. If there’s a mental mind, there are mental illnesses. And it there’s a psychic body, there must be psychic illness – and that what psychic vampirism is…


IMPORTANT! As of April 18th 2010 this article is no longer representing the point of view upon psychic vampirism of ASoM’s author. It requires an update which is being written right now. When published, it shall be linked here as well.

There are two types of psychic vampirism – conscious and unconscious, and both of these types use energy body to feed – both with this body and upon it. Do you remember what energy body is? Energy body, also known as energy system is a complex structure of centres and channels through which psychicic energy flows. One of its part is called “Energy Exchange Ports” and these ports are used to draw energy, and to radiate it out of the system. Let’s move further, if the energy radiates from the system, it can also be sucked out of it :). Here’s where the psychic vampirism comes to play.

Unconscious Vampirism

Indeed energy can be sucked out :). When we’re talking about unconscious psychic vampirism, then we’re talking about an illeness, about damaged energy system to be exact. A person with damaged energy system got deficiency of psychic energy and chakras are unable to draw enough energy to sustain this person’s body for whole day, therefore whole system must find a way to get additional energy – so it’s drawing it from surrounding area, and to be more specific, from people around. Just like you can draw energy consciously, it can be also draw unconsciously by subconscious means.

Think of a closed bottle with no air inside, there’s literally vacuum inside. When you open the bottle, air gets sucked inside in a matter of microseconds. The same thing relates to energy system – when the “valves” get open, energy is being sucked inside, and since valves are open all over the time…

Why the energy systems gets damaged is unknown, maybe it’s a nautral stay, or maybe it’s the envoirnment. What really hurts is that most unconscious vampires do not even know they are psychic vampires – telling them about it might make them think you’re crazy. And from what I know it’s impossible to heal the system and the person will always need to feed upon others, but I believe it’s possible to learn control upon feeding proces. Why do I think so? Because we also have second type of psychic vampirism.

Conscious Vampirism

When we’re talking about conscious psychic vampirism, we’re talking about people who intentionally feed upon energies of others just to draw more energy for themselves, or to weaken their victims. Therefore, it’s a form of psychic attack, and most probably the most popular beside psychic overload type of supernatural attack. The principle is the same as in simple drawing of energy, just this time instead of drawing it from ground or other source like crystal, you’re drawing it from a living being. If you can learn how to feed upon someone, then if you’re a natural psychic vampire, you can just learn to feed when you want, and not when the body requires that…

Hunt for the cure…

Which leads me to one small thing – Robert Bruce discussed in his free ebook about New Energy Ways that it’s possible to “heal” the system simple by learning energy manipulation and practising energy drawing each day for about 15 minutes. You’re not feeding on a person, instead you’re feeding on energy we all feed, the only difference is that when most people do this automatically while sleeping, you would have to feed on your own in order to keep the energies level steady – of course, if you’re a psychic vampire :).

Defence against psychic vampirism

There might be no cure (if we’re not talking about substitute like NEW), but there’s surely a defence.

  • Shieldspsychic shields can be created in many different ways and they should be considered as first line of defence.
  • Draw energy back – if you feel you are under vampiric attack, start drawing energy back to you using the method of energy manipulation you find most useful. This technique of defence works only for energy workers.
  • Leave the area – if you’re dealing with unconscious vampire, then leaving the area works the best, they don’t follow you, nor they can establish a link for long distances. Until they’re a family…

Vampire within family

Family or friends, or schoolmates, or workmates – energy vampires might be everywhere, and if they’re a part of your close family, then it would be hard to break contact with them. With schoolmates or workmates it’s pretty easy. There’s always a possibility that you can talk to them and inform them what they are (or should I say – tell them what you suspect they are) and tell them about New Energy Ways. If you decide to tell someone that you suspect he or she is a psychic vampire, try the following procedure:

  • Ask your friend if he or she ever noticed some people became weak and tired in his or her presence? Does their heads hurts? Maybe they have problems with focus? Wasn’t that weird?
  • Ask if your friend ever heard about psychic vampirism and if he or she tried to explore the subject. If he or she is aware of what psychic vampirism is, tell you suspect your friend is such a psychic vampire.
  • If he or she isn’t aware of what you’re talking about, then use some informative book (books work the best) and describe the phenomena, and inform there’s a way to control psychic vampirism by NEW.

In the end, there’s always a way out – breaking contact with the person, but I know it’s not always the case.

I hope I’ve brighten your view upon psychic vampirism and this post was useful. Have you ever encountered a psychic vampire? How did you felt and how did you dealt with the problem? Or maybe you’re a psychic vampire yourself, then what’s your story?

Update 18th of April, 2010: as of this day, post’s author does not agree with most of the content of this post he had written, and perceive psychic vampirism as dangerous no longer.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Great information! I have learned a lot from this post. I am very excited for i wish to start practicing psionics. I have only one question. I do intend to learn more and i am wondering if i should start my training from a good credible book written by an excellent psionic or if i should practice from websites written by excellent psionics (A State of Mind *cough* *cough*) first. And a reccomandation couldnt hurt. XD
    P.S. I am sorry if i am asking a lot of questions. It's just I am fascinated by this mysterious art.

    by Kurt / February 17th 2010

  2. I would recommend both, but if I would have to choose, I would choose websites like ASoM and PsiPog first, and then move to books. It's because psionics websites show you different approach to psychic abilites, while books only show you things like "love, God is great, and everything is all right" ;).

    Another reason for websites is that they are free – so you can learn something and practise a little before paying for a book – this way you will learn if you like the whole subject and you're ready to practise for months, and then years.

    Stay tuned, as I'm writing an ebook on psionics – it will be a "book" presenting very practical psionic approach :D.

    by Nathaniel / February 17th 2010

  3. Note from a energy vampyre. Not all of us go for energy workers. A lot of us have donors and friends that have given permission. Like humans there's good and bad sides to everything. I'd appreciate it if you didn't make us all out to be a negative thing. Sometimes things happen that you can't change or fix it and have to live with. I may be an energy vampyre but i still do a lot of good with energy, especially in the field of healing. However psychic shielding is important for anyone doing energy work so I'll agree with some of your post.

    by drexes / March 2nd 2010

  4. First – if there's a way to learn control, why still feeding? Second – hurting someone even if he agrees to is still hurting someone…

    by Mastergreed / March 2nd 2010

  5. who says im hurting someone. that's what the control is for. can't change that we have a need to take in energy regardless of what you think or feel if you dont live it, you won't understand. I dont hurt anyone i take energy from because im only taking a little at a time. still need the energy even if you learn control. my point is were not all bad, that's like saying humans or one type of animal is all bad. we're all different. you have your needs met to live and so do i.

    by drexes / March 2nd 2010

  6. You're hurting if you're draining energy from someone's energy system, while you can drain it from natural source – Earth.

    by Mastergreed / March 2nd 2010

  7. Its a matter of moral opinion vs necessity. Which is fine. Nice to meet you and nice site.

    by drexes / March 2nd 2010

  8. It doesn't quite work out that simply. For the most part, psi vampires need chi/ki/prana/whatever you'd rather call vital energy. Elemental energy is NOT the same, though it may help for a little while. In mine and Drexes' case, we simply cannot process energies the way a person normally would. Our energy system is fine, but it simply does not work the same as the usual persons. There is no way to fix it for some, while others may be vampiric due to something like a damaged chakra, or a "leak" in the energy body. In such a case, it's possible that it could very well be fixed. Which is fortunate. Either way, the vampire community does NOT promote harmful actions such as inconsentual feeding. We do have ethics you know. :P Also, don't get high and mighty just because we have different needs, and might I suggest doing a bit more research? We can't help what we are. There is no reason to chastise us for it.

    by Tristan / March 3rd 2010

  9. You are aware that what the only difference between Chi and what you call 'elemental' energy is that Chi flows in energy system, right? I guess not ;). The energy isn't process within energy system, it's collected in storage centres and then it flows through whole system. If the energy drained from another person works, the energy from Earth works too because it IS the same energy.

    by Mastergreed / March 3rd 2010

  10. Some of us (myself included) get our energy from crowds, skimming off excess energy that would otherwise dissipate. Not hurting a soul.

    While I can control it do a degree, it mostly just happens automatically when around energetic people. It takes a *lot* of mental of effort to stop it. The only active part of feeding I really do is to intentionally put myself in places where there is excess energy to be had.

    by Meat / April 8th 2010

  11. Guess I’m taking all of this too aggressively – I will have to take a closer look on psychic vampirism from vampire’s perspective. Or maybe some of you could write a guest post with your point of view? :)

    by Nathan / April 8th 2010