Premonitions, precognition – would you like to know the future?

This post’s title is my question to all of you – would you like to know the future? Would you like to know things are going to happen very soon? Wouldn’t that make you scared? And if you would know the future, then another questions arise – to tell or not to tell? How do you think?


There are different ways to see the future, some more useful and more accurate than others. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Divination – like Runes, Tarot, I Ching (read: eee Ching), scrying, casting bones and other that are used to predict the future using magical attributes are very popular all over the world, from United States to China.
  • Psychic reading – connecting to “higher self” as some people call it, or communicating with spirits, it doesn’t really matter how psychic reading really looks like, what does matter is that it’s another way to look into the future.
  • Premonitions – knowing things before they happen, having this “gut” feeling that something will happen.
  • Precognition – along with precognitive dreams, in simple words those are the visions of future events, literally visions.
  • Channelling – getting messages from disembodied entities, sometimes from aliens as some people believe, it’s yet another way to learn about the future.

Did I forget about something? :)

Would you like to know the future?

If or if not the above ways of learning about future events are real and accurate is not the subject of this post. The question is. Personally, I see only dark side of knowing the future (remember the movie “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage?), and I’m going to prove it to you. Ask yourself the following question:

  1. Would I like to know that tomorrow I will die?
  2. Would I like to know that tomorrow my wife will die?
  3. Would I like to know that I won’t pass the exam tomorrow?
  4. Would I like to know that I will be thrown out of my flat tomorrow?

Is that enough? Would you like to know about all these bad things that are going to happen to you in the future? If you answered “yes, because then I would try to change these things” you are right – you would try to change them, but would you be able to? Wouldn’t you feel that it’s already too late for you to safe yourself or someone?

Ignorance is bliss.

Whenever I consult the runes for myself and get negative reading, I feel very bad – I do not know if the things I saw will happen, or they just might happen (it’s a difference). That is why I don’t really like casting runes for myself. Let’s look on the other side, ask yourself another questions:

  1. Would I like to know that tomorrow my friend will win $2 mln USD?
  2. Would I like to know that tomorrow I will meet a beautiful girl?
  3. Would I like to know that tomorrow my favourite team will win championship?

Would you like to know such things? And what if the future isn’t really defined? What if all these things above might happen, but don’t have to. If you think tomorrow you would win $100 dollars, and that wouldn’t happen, how would you feel? Would you be happy or disappointed? I think the second answer is more possible. Now tell me, would you still want to know the future?

I know I don’t want to know it, it’s easier when we just move forward, living for another day without worrying what the future prepared for us. How about you? Have you ever consulted a psychic or any divination system to learn the future? Why so and did it gave something to you?

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  1. I saw a book on prophecy and learned that most visions and intuitive feelings are correct but are subject to change. It said that the future reading you get is a chain of events that will end up in a result you get unless you break the pattern that was supposed to happen. Its a lot like an algebraic equation if you think about it the right way. So, in theory, if you do become a "prophet" and do get bad visions and intend to do absolutely nothing to do anything about changing them, 99% of the time it will end up in the result the negative reading showed. But if you intend to "reverse" you reading to a good one, it is entirely posible. The ways to "reversing" a reading can range as little as feeling happy, being positive, or staying careful, to convincing an airport to shut down a flight.

    by Kurt / February 15th 2010

  2. To the bad things part, I would rather know that something bad may happen and have a chance of changing it, than not know and be powerless to change it.

    To the good things, yes that would be disappointing, but then so is hoping that something good will happen and not having it happen.

    by billybobjoebobbobbob / February 19th 2010

  3. I think the fact of knowing would change everything……collapse the wave function!

    by vince / February 25th 2010